When the “terminal/connector” is exposed or wetted by water, it may cause poor insulation between circuits. Take appropriate anti-dripping measures to prevent it being form or getting wet.

The “terminal/connector” production is not premised on being disassembled in a live circuit. Therefore, do not disassemble the “terminal/board connector” while the power is on. Or it will cause poor performance. It may cause poor insulation between circuits.

Do not power the current above the rated value into multiple circuits. Even if the current of one circuit is set to not exceed the rated value after calculation, “terminal/connector” is used. In addition, even if the conductive path or the contact resistance is unbalanced, it is impossible to distribute an equal current to each circuit, and the performance aging is accelerated due to energization of a rated value or more, and an abnormality is caused.

BNC Connector Mount Angled Female For PCB

When the “connector” is used, the connector connector (connecting portion) is always used for the local use of the wire, the resonance of the printed wiring board, or the rotating structure of the device and the movable portion of the connector. Poor contact may result from sliding wear of the contact portion.

Therefore, take measures such as fixing wires in the fixture and supporting the printed circuit board on the printed circuit board to suppress resonance. The terminal may be broken or cracked (stress corrosion cracking) due to “corrosive gas such as ammonia or sulfur” (stress corrosion cracking), and the connector may be poorly contacted. The terminal, the connector, and the place where the device is used may be subjected to the above. When “corrosion gas such as ammonia or sulfur” is affected, “terminal/connector” “terminal information is brass”. Please use the “terminal information for copper alloy materials other than brass (phosphor bronze materials, etc.)”. For product details, please contact us.

Poor contact of the connector may occur due to deformation or adhesion of foreign matter to the connector connector. It is therefore important to note that if the connector is soldered to the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board is stacked. Do not stack printed circuit boards that are soldered.

Terminal Connector

Precautions for wire connection processing such as wire harness processing When the “terminal/continuous terminal/connector” manufactured by our company is combined with a wire (pressing or crimping, etc.), the wire bonding processing and other wiring connection precautions will be produced by the company. When the “terminal/continuous terminal/connector” is combined with the wire (pressing or crimping, etc.). Please use the tools specified by the company. If you use a non-designated tool to connect, it may cause poor contact or disconnection.

Wire harness processing is performed after confirming the processing conditions and the like. Also,it may cause poor contact. Therefore, please confirm the management points before processing. If the applicable wire is connected to a “terminal/connector” wire such as a crimping height, important management points are poorly managed. Need to confirm. When the terminal and the connector are separately specified, the wire suitable for crimping the connector crimping connector is in principle the use of a non-plated wire, a single wire, a tin coated wire and a shielded wire for the tinned soft copper stranded wire. The specified wire should be used.


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