Since the 1980s, more electronics and smart devices were integrated into the machine. Before this, only the controller of the switch cabinet is used to control the regulator or sensing system through the I / O card. Nowadays, more intelligent devices are connected to local I / O and switched cabinets through fieldbus even throughout the control system. So far, the M8 / M12 connector is mainly used as a sensor connector that wraps the open end of the sensor cable in the switchgear. The current sensor and brake are mostly connected to the passive device or I / O box with fieldbus function.

M12 Connector

These connectors are required to be very strong and not infiltrated due to harsh usage environments. Therefore, the M8 / M12 connector that has been approved in sensing technology is now widely recommended for field bus connectors. To ensure that the application classification of various field buses is clear, the M12 connector also has a range of encoded auxiliary identification. The M8 / M12 female connector products on the market are less convenient when assembling, and the cost is also high, and the solution is urgently needed to optimize costs. The M8 / M12 launched by the company provides a surface mount system ground solution. The M12 female connector is connected to the surface mount technology and can be fully automated and developed specifically for the application of automation technology. This modular plug connector can achieve a more flexible I / O fieldbus connection aboard. The 2, 3, 4, 5 pins are very securely packaged with appropriate vibration equipment. In addition to the usual scratchpad, it is replaced by packaging, which is cheap, and greatly reduces production costs. It also provides tape packaging.

M12 Ethernet flange interface socket

The modular design also ensures quick production of different sizes and versions of connectors, such as 3-pole, 4-pole M8 connectors. Customers can also choose different terms (surface stickers, crimping, through-hole reflow). In addition, a shielded and fully enclosed connector is also provided. The black insulator is made of high-temperature-resistant plastic, which can be used for welding processes of all common surface stickers.

Recently added a 4-pin connector with a D-type encoded in the M12 connector series. This connector can achieve a more flexible I / O field bus connection on a board, complying with the standard of industrial Ethernet. IEC 61076-2-101 The standard expansion defines 4-pin, with a D-type encoded connector to apply to a higher level of industrial Ethernet. From the perspective of transmission technologies, these requirements correspond to the requirements of the Cyber-type RJ45 socket connector defined by the EIA / TIA standard. The D-type encoding is a B-type encoding that distinguishes A-type encoding and other fieldbuses from the sensor brake wiring.

M12 Connector

The design of the M8 / M12 connector is in line with a lead-free process. With the launch of M8 / M12, the application of the connector products further expands to the I / O or fieldbus connection on the board and industry Ethernet. This 4-pin connector with D-type encoded is also a surface mount M12 connector for industrial Ethernet applications.

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