M12 connectors are recommended for almost all line bus specifications. In terms of classification, M12 connector belongs to the industrial connector. Its main application field is also in the industrial field, which is widely used in industrial equipment such as power equipment, production automation equipment, sensors and mechanical equipment. Because all the equipment used is relatively sophisticated and the application environment is also relatively harsh, there will be more stringent requirements for the performance of M12 connector. Generally speaking, the protection level of M12 connectors is above IP67.

M12 Connector

The connector is a kind of component that our electronic engineers and technicians often touch. Its function is very simple. Set up a bridge of communication between blocked circuits or isolated circuits in the circuit, so as to make the current flow and make the circuit realize the predetermined function. The waterproof connector is an indispensable component of electronic equipment. If you observe the current flow path, you will always find one or more connectors. The forms and structures of connectors are ever-changing. With different application objects, frequencies, powers, application environments, etc., there are various types of connectors.

M12 4Pin Waterproof  Connector

M12 connector is one of many kinds of connectors, and it is also an electronic component that people engaged in electronic engineering often come into contact with. At present, there is very high market demand. M12 connectors are widely used in industrial fields, mainly for connecting signals and electricity. Besides, m12 connector is also one of the most used connectors in industrial connectors. Because M12 connector belongs to the industrial connector, the functional M12 connector of the industrial connector will also be available. And M12 connectors will have better waterproof and dustproof performance. In appearance, M12 connector has two appearances: round and rectangular, and the product types are divided into two types: with cable and without cable. Moreover, generally speaking, the cable length can be customized according to the requirements!

M12 Connector

Waterproof m12 connector joint is an excellent electrical connector product, and its materials and manufacturing methods are all excellent technologies from all over the world. It is made of high-toughness aluminum alloy material and is connected by an external groove with the interface. It has the advantages of small size, lightweight and convenient use. It is generally applicable to the route connection among electrical equipment, various instruments and instruments and instrument panels. The natural environment adaptability of the waterproof m12 connector joint should be equal to the sum of working temperature and contact temperature rise. In some standards, the maximum allowable temperature of connectors underrated current is also different.

Features of waterproof m12 connector:

  • When the waterproof m12 connector joint is in the working environment with moisture and salt, the metal surface treatment layer of its metal structural parts and contact parts may cause thermoelectric corrosion, which may endanger the physical and electrical equipment characteristics of the connector.
  • At low frequency, only permanent magnet material can significantly shield the electromagnetic field of the waterproof m12 connector joint. At this time, there are certain requirements for the electrical continuity of the plastic casing, and the waterproof m12 connector joint is also the casing contact resistor. It refers to a process in which a part of the insulation layer of the connector releases the working voltage to show the resistance value.
  • Waterproof m12 connector joint pressure resistance refers to the connection between a part of insulation layers of contact pairs or between a part of insulation layers and grounding devices. It is very important in unique application scenarios, such as airlines, aerospace, railway lines and road freight transportation. It is the key index value for testing waterproof m12 connector joint, the firmness of connector structure and the reliability of electrical contact. The electrical compressive strength or working voltage resistance and material compressive strength of waterproof m12 connector joint is the working ability of qualitatively analyzing the middle of connector contact or the middle of contact and casing to bear rated experimental working voltage.

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