Return Policy

The return of a device to our After-Sales Service implies the full agreement of the terms and conditions hereinafter. These Terms and conditions may be changed without prior notice by Elecbee.


1.1. These terms and conditions of After-Sales Service apply to the after-sale service provided for Elecbee items or any other item sold by Elecbee.


If a client detects an irregularity in the functioning of an Elecbee product, seeks technical assistance or faces issues with the use of an Elecbee product, he can

– search for an immediate solution on our website:

– contact the Elecbee hotline at:


– contact our After-Sales Service by email on:

3. Warranty

3.1. Warranty period. The contractual warranty period of our products is fixed at 1 (one) year. The warranty period runs from the date of purchase indicated on the invoice.

3.2. Conditions. Elecbee After-Sales Service will accept defective product(s) in the scope of warranty coverage at the sale condition that a request for return has been made to and confirmed by Elecbee.

3.3. Required documentation. Elecbee After-Sales Service will accept defective product(s) in the scope of warranty coverage at the sale condition that the defect has been clearly defined, and upon reception of A copy of the invoice, indicating the date of purchase, the type of product, the serial number, the name of the customer.

3.4. Warranty exclusions. Elecbee warranty shall not apply:

– To accessories such as but not limited to washers, nuts;

– To normal wear of the product;

– In case of repair or intervention on the product by any unauthorized personnel or any person outside Elecbee After-Sales Service ;

– To shocks or damaged occurred during transportation directly or indirectly linked to the product’s warranty;

– To the installation or use of the product in contradiction with technical and safety standards, notably a use of the product in contradiction with the guidelines indicated in the product’s user manual and safety instructions;

– To failures, defects, flaws caused by clogging, corrosion, rust, drought, humidity, excessive temperatures, sand or dust, oxidization, unless we confirm the items can withstand it by writing in advance.

4.Warranty of repairs

4.1. Repairs, modifications or replacements of defective parts during the warranty period do not extend the warranty period.


5.1. Fees. The shipping fees for returned products will be shared as described hereinafter:

– Shipping fees for the return of defective products to Elecbee After-Sales Service will be borne by the client.

– Shipping fees for the delivery of repaired or exchanged products to the client’s address will be borne by Elecbee.

5.2. Conditions. The product(s) must be returned in its original package with its accessories (washers, nuts, etc.), unless expressly advised otherwise. In case of repair, if the client has kept the original packaging, the client must make sure to pack the product safely. The returned product is shipped at the client’s own risk.

The name, address, telephone number, email address must be indicated on the parcel containing the returned product.

5.3. No handing-in or pick up of returned products is allowed in Elecbee premises.

6.Return management

6.1. Upon reception of the return request and if the product is in the scope of warranty, Elecbee will send a Return Approval email to the client within 10 (ten) working days.

6.2. Address. Every product return must be made within 15 (fiften) days upon reception by the client of the return confirmation by Elecbee After Sales Service and sent to the address indicated on the Return Label by Elecbee After -Sales Service.

6.3. In the event of one returned product not complying with the return request or one of the return conditions not being respected, the product will be returned to the client at his expense.

6.4. If the returned product is found to be flawless, Elecbee After-Sales Service will charge the client a $40 amount for the performance of technical tests.

The shipping fees for the return of a flawless product to the client are to be borne by the client. Elecbee will store flawless or improperly returned products for a maximum period of 1 (one) month. After this period, Elecbee reserves the right to destroy the products.

6.5. Diagnosis. Upon reception of the returned product by our After-Sales Service, a diagnosis of failure is established. If the product is still in the scope of warranty, it will be repaired, exchanged (according to availabilities), or a credit note will be issued. The issuance of a credit note only applies to the products purchased directly from Elecbee.

6.6. Duration of repair. Elecbee commits to repair, exchange, or issue a credit note for the returned product as fast as it is possible. The average duration for a repair or an exchange is 15 (fifteen) working days. However, this duration is given for information purpose only and shall not give rise to any compensation of any sort in case this duration would be exceeded.

6.7. Tracking. If the client wishes to obtain updates on the repair of a returned product, his request must be sent by email on

7. Claims

The product, even if delivered free of charge, is shipped at the recipient’s own risk. Elecbee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss that occurred during transportation. Risk transfer occurs at the pick up of the goods by the transporter at Elecbee Group’s premises. Upon reception of the goods, the recipient shall check the goods and, if a product is found missing or damaged, issue a reservation. The recipient shall notify by registered letter the transporter of any damage or loss noted upon reception of the goods within 2 (two) working days following the reception of the goods, and claim the damaged or missing goods to the transporter.