Mis-insertion is a kind of wrong behavior caused by carelessness in the operation process of the staff, which will not only lead to the normal operation of the equipment, but also may lead to the circuit short circuit in serious cases, so the requirements on the prevention of anti-missing insertion are very high.

The prevention of misplacement mainly starts from the following aspects:

On the one hand, the wire-to-board itself, rotate one hundred and eighty degrees, if misalignment error can lead to signal an error, so at this time requires attention as far as possible choose lines to prevent mistaken insertion of the connector, it can avoid this kind of error, but also can avoid the equipment damage, can also by adjusting the wire-to-board the relative position in the connector configuration only.

On the other hand, when the manufacturer USES the same connector, it is very likely to plug A into B socket, this situation needs special attention, because once this happens, the consequences will be very serious, must be connected to AB interface for different socket can be.

FPC Connector Jack 1.0PH 24 Pin

And the use of wire-to-board connector can avoid this kind of situation to a certain extent, so it is suggested that in order to reduce the types of materials, or to save costs of manufacturers, in the process of use, must choose reliable and safe wire-to-board connector products, so that their equipment can be well protected.

Although the anti-misplacement effect of wire-to-board connector cannot be completely solved now, with the development of science and technology and the update of products, we believe that solutions will be found in the future.

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