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RF Connector

What Is The Difference Detween Optical Fiber Connector And RF Coaxial...

There are a lot of consumers confused with optical fiber connector and rf coaxial connectors, Now for this article will explain the...

How to install the RF coaxial connector

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RF coaxial connector development trend

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RF coaxial connector development trend

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M12 threaded connection

Introduction to the threaded connection of aviation plugs

The threaded connection is a widely used detachable fixed connection, which has the advantages of simple structure, reliable connection and convenient disassembly...
M series connector

The decomposition detection precautions about the aviation plug electrical connector

Decomposition detection of the aviation plug electrical connector is one of the necessary steps, which can avoid the problems in the use...
Nylon cable glands

Nylon cable glands guide

Nylon cable gland is a matching accessory for cables, mainly used in distribution boxes and distribution cabinets. The main function is to...
aviation plugs

What are the benefits of using metal plating for aviation plugs?

There are many advantages to using metal plating on aviation plugs, the most important of which is to prevent external factors such...
Industrial connector

The necessity of using connectors

Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors,At that time,We must use the continuous conductor to connect the electronic circuit. For...
Aviation Plug

Forecasting and Using Tips for Aviation Plug

Aviation plugs are electromechanical components that connect electrical circuits, and can also be called plug seats. They are widely used in various...

What is the function of GPS antenna?

With the development of science and the upgrading of the global positioning system, GPS antenna in the field of professional and business,...
Aviation Connector

Wide use of aviation plugs in the mechanical field

In the field of mechanical equipment, there is such a non-core component, but everything will not going smoothly if without it ....
GX Aviation Connector

About the installation and use of aviation connectors

The Connectors is the important part of electrical equipment,without the Connectors ,two electrical equipment cannot be connected to each other to generate...
SP Aviation Connector

Characteristics and structure of aviation plug

Aviation Connector is the important part of electrical equipment. And the different connectors has some different characteristic in the application.This article introduces...
Aviation Plugs

How to use the aviation plug correctly?

Aviation plugs play a vital role in our life and production processes. They make the design and production process easier, more flexible,...
Aviation Plugs

How to define the waterproof rating of the aviation plug connector?

Aviation plugs are mostly waterproof, so how is the waterproof grade defined? The following article will give you a detailed answer.
circular connector

What are the characteristics of the circular connector?

With the rapid development of industrial automation, the circular connector has become a very common mechanical and electronic accessory. Its main function...

7 problems you must know in manufacturing of aviation connector

With the continuous advancement and development of the times, in order to meet the needs of different mechanical equipment and various fields,...
Industrial waterproof connector

How to choose industrial waterproof connector?

Industrial connectors, as a component that is often in contact with electronic engineering technicians in the industrial field, act as a connection,...