The terminal block is a metal piece disposed inside the connector insulation material, and its function is to guide the wire to make electrical connection with the electronic device. As the precision of the industrial automation control is more and more strict, the usage of the terminal block is always increased, but the wiring is increased. There are also some unfavorable factors in the use of the terminal. The following summarizes the three main factors that cause defects in connector terminals.

Connector terminal block

During the use of the connector terminals of the connector, the surface of the coating may be peeled, corroded, bumped, flashed, broken, and the parts in close contact with the work piece are rough or deformed, resulting in poor appearance.

Pluggable terminal blocks

1.The connector terminal is poorly insulated

The function of the connector terminal insulator is to keep the contacts in the correct position and to insulate the contacts from the contacts and the contacts from the housing. Therefore, the insulation must have excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties and process forming properties. In particular, with the high density and wide use of miniaturized terminals, the effective wall thickness of the insulator is getting thinner and thinner. This puts more stringent requirements on insulation materials, injection mold precision and molding processes.

2.The connector terminal is not fixed properly

The connector terminal needs to be fixed at a specific position to achieve a stable connection. If the installation is not perfect or the product insertion and extraction life cycle is insufficient, the fixing is poor, and the light contact affects the contact to cause a momentary power failure, and the serious product is disintegration. Disintegration refers to the abnormal separation between the plug and the socket between the plug and the socket caused by the unreliable structure due to the material, design, process, etc., and the power transmission of the control system is caused by the disconnection of the terminal. The serious consequences of signal control interruption. Due to unreliable design, incorrect material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding, etc., assembly failure, etc. will result in poor fixation.

3.The connector terminal is in poor contact

The metal conductor inside the connector terminal is the core part of the terminal, which transmits power, signal, etc. to other parts in contact with it, so the metal conductor inside the terminal must have good conduction properties. If the contact design is unreasonable, the material selection is wrong, the size is not standard, or the plating layer is improperly handled, the contact of the connector terminals may be poor.

Terminal Blocks

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