If two or more PCB are connected at a longer distance, the insulation displacement connector (IDC) is an ideal solution for equipment manufacturers. If the layout of the normal mezzanine or the mother and daughter card is no longer enough, the IDC or insulating displacement connector can provide reliable connection through the color band cable.

Elecbee provides a functional cable with a variety of IDC insulating jackets. These connectors are designed for cable applications of each sector. Elecbee adjusts each IDC connector according to your custom requirements, as well as appropriate cable types to simplify your installation and warehouse. PCB connectors have various terminal technologies: with welded termination (for manual, waves or reflux welding) and Press-Fit technology. Different types of contacts are between 6 and 64 contacts. The cable connector is suitable for use in the device or the connection between the device. Therefore, the IDC connector provides a multi -functional solution suitable for any application.

Applicable to your application compact, economic and reliable solution

The technology that has been proven in millions of practical applications.

Between 6 and 64 contacts, 2.54 mm thread distance

The function of IDC cable

  • PCB in the application area cable connection application
  • Data and signal transmission
  • Gas contact with insulation displacement connection and connection to the conductor connection
  • Self -connection, easy to assemble
  • Just connect several conductors at the same time in one step or only in the process of fitting
  • THT, THR and Prss-Fit Technology = variable PCB termination technology

1. Comprehensive investment portfolio

Both straight veins and 90 ° angle can be used. The stable lock rod is used to establish a secure connection with the connection bar with men or women. Female connectors can be selected and can relieve the response.

2. Low-profile connector

The low height of 9.4 mm allows you to save space. They also guarantee a safe connection, even in a narrow space.

3. Full holes return welding

The connector that is suitable for welding through holes is made of temperature -resistant plastic (PCT).

4. Automatic component

Due to its tape and scroll packaging, the IDC connector can be integrated during the automatic “pick -up and position” assembly process, and is processed with other SMD components. This simplifies the PCB assembly process and reduces the process cost.

5. Directly connect to PCB

By connecting the ribbon cable directly to the circuit board, it is possible to make this cost -effective solution without plug -in complexity. To this end, Elecbee provides two rows or four -row PCB connectors.

Elecbee is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of electronic connectors, adapters and antennas. Whether it is technology, research and development, production or business, it is in the leading position in the industry. If you want to know more about our products or need related help and support, you can directly communicate with our technical staff in real time on the website or send an email to service@elecbee.com. All Elecbee staff look forward to cooperating with you.


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