Currently, the board-to-board connector used on mobile phones has the following characteristics:

First, “soft”, flexible connection, and has a strong corrosion resistance; secondly, no welding is required, installation is convenient, and there is no fire hazard, which also saves space.

In order to improve the combined force of the socket and the plug, a simple locking mechanism is adopted in the fixed metal part and the contact part, which not only improves the combined force, but also makes the locking more realistic. The connector minimizes the thickness of the product to achieve the purpose of connection, which has more and more ultra-thin mobile phones on the market.

Pin header connector

The pitch of the pins is also narrower and narrower. At present, the main focus is 0.4mm pitch. The 0.35mm pitch should be the industry’s narrowest pitch-to-board connector. The 0.35mm pitch is currently used mainly for Apple mobile phones and domestic high-end machines. Type, its application will be the trend of the past two years, it has the advantages of the smallest volume, the highest precision, high performance.

Today, consumers are demanding more and more demand for product thickness and feel. Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow connectors put new demands on the electroplating process. On products with a height of 0.6mm and a single product of less than 0.4mm. How to ensure the gold plating thickness of the product and the tin effect does not climb the tin, which becomes the most critical problem of the miniaturization of the connector. At present, the common practice in the industry is to remove the gold plating layer by laser to block the upper tin path.

Pin Header Dual Row 2×7PIN

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