In the harsh environment, the weakest problems in electronic systems are often exposed. From pocket-type consumer devices to complex military equipment, various devices may be exposed to moisture. At this time, the importance of the good sealing of the cable connector has been experienced. In order to solve some environmental challenges, some industry standards to be observed are also worthy of attention.

Electronic systems and devices exist in all aspects of our lives, whether at home or at work, they operate reliably under a variety of conditions, depending on their intended purpose. For example, the typical operating environment for consumer electronics is much smaller than the operating environment encountered in military or industrial environments. Not all types of equipment need to meet stringent standards, but understanding these standards and their requirements for equipment designed for a variety of applications is critical.

SMA Cable Assembly

The reliability of cable connectors is critical, especially in the case of prolonged use, which can cause problems. This single point of failure is unacceptable under extreme conditions where military operations often occur. For example, consider the requirement imposed on a diving equipment that must operate reliably at a depth of 20 meters, at which the ambient pressure is three times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. This means that the seal of the diving equipment must be designed to withstand greater pressure than the land-based system for a long time.

Immersing cable connectors in water is one of the many challenges facing product developers. Other environmental challenges include exposure to dirt and dust, high humidity, extreme temperatures, corrosive gases, corrosive liquids, shock and vibration, and electricity. Breakdown, electromagnetic interference and RF emissions.

Many criteria are important when evaluating the quality of cable connectors, especially those that protect the connectors from the damaging effects of dirt, dust and water. Some industry standard constraints to comply with include: IP rating – International Protection Level, also known as Intrusion Protection, NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association, MIL-STD-810G – US Department of Defense Standard Document, MIL-DTL-38999 – US Defense Detailed specifications.

MCX Male Coaxial Cable

When selecting electronic components for harsh environments, it is important to consider every point where a leak may occur. These are usually proven to be points where external entities (such as cables) are connected to the system. Therefore, seals that protect cable connectors from dust, dust and water are often of particular importance. To protect electronic equipment from harsh environments, designers should ensure that the connecting cable and the entire equipment enclosure meet the general sealing requirements specified by IP rating, NEMA, MIL-STD-810G and/or MIL-DTL-38999. By identifying and understanding a subset of the standards associated with specific harsh environment applications, engineers can make more informed decisions throughout the equipment assessment and selection process.

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