The selection method of the GX air plug terminal is a mechanical element connected to the electrical line, so the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the problem that the connector is first to consider. Correctly selecting and using the electrical connector is an important aspect of ensuring circuit reliability.

1.Electrical parameters requirement: The connector is an electromechanical component connected to the electrical line. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself are the problems that the connector should first consider.

2.Rated voltage, current: The same pressure indicator of the aviation plug can be used depending on the use environment and safety requirements, different highest operating voltages can be used. To limit the rated current, in fact, the temperature rise inside the electrical connector does not exceed the design value. The problem you should pay attention to when choosing is: For multi-core connectors, the rated current must be used.

3. Installation method and shape: The shape of the aviation plug terminal is more variable, the user mainly from the shape of the shape, curved, wire or cable and the fixed requirements, volume, weight, weight, and whether the metal hose is needed. Select, the electrical connector used on the panel is also selected from the aspects of beauty, shape, color, etc.

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