New energy will occupy an extremely important position in the future energy structure. Renewable energy generation such as wind and solar energy is random and intermittent, which will have an impact on the power grid. In severe cases, it will cause large-scale vicious accidents. This requires a certain amount of energy storage in the DC bus or AC system to track the load.

New Energy

Therefore, the research and development of high-efficiency energy storage devices and their supporting equipment, matching with the wind power / photovoltaic generator set capacity star, support the rapid switching of the charge and discharge state, to ensure the safety and stability of the system have become the key to the full use of renewable energy. In particular, the addition of energy storage devices to distributed power generation based on renewable energy can effectively improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, and improve system economics.

Energy Storage Connectors Socket

The energy storage connector is a connector specifically designed for the storage of lithium batteries in the energy storage industry. The series is a single-core connector. The product design is small in size, fast and convenient to connect, adopts right angle structure, saves wiring space, and the plug can rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is convenient for multi-angle installation. In the safety design aspect, the energy storage series connector adopts a built-in connection locking structure and has a unique design, which makes the product have excellent friction and anti-shock protection. To meet the special requirements of the energy storage industry for battery temperature rise and balance, the product adopts new modified plastic materials, through multi-point contact of connectors, high heat dissipation of materials, etc.,to achieve low-temperature rise, safe and reliable connection, green environmental protection Product quality.

SurLok Plus

Energy storage connectors have the following advantages:

  1.  The principle of shunting by Flexcoils Finger technique, smaller in size, larger in current carrying capacity, and can carry more current than terminals of the same size.
  2. The one finger-operated lock feature allows the user to connects ay power distribution and storage system quickly and securely. When the plug is inserted into the socket, there will be a beeping sound, press the button to pull out the plug.
  3. The firm, compact and low cost. The compression lug of the energy storage connector is a field mountable, highly reliable alternative compression lug. Eliminate the need to purchase special torque tools with industry-standard crimping, screw and bus termination options.

Application areas: Energy storage connectors are widely used in energy storage, electric vehicles, rail transit, process control, and automation and heavy equipment.

In the new energy era, this safe and reliable energy-saving energy storage connector will make your current flow unimpeded. If you are interested, you can visit our official website and hope that the new energy concept will bring you a different experience.



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