Seeing this title, many people may not know what M12 PCB board connector is. Now, Elecbee engineers will share and introduce it to you.

M12 connector is installed on PCB to supplement the solution of the connector and cable assembly that can be installed in the field, and provide plug-and-play cooperation to support quick and easy installation, improve production efficiency and reduce installation cost in harsh environment applications, including industrial automation equipment, industrial Ethernet, vision system, sensors and semiconductor manufacturing machinery. The new M12 connector adopts a compact design, has high-density connection, provides IP67 protection when mating, and provides highly complete signal and data transmission. They have copper alloy bodies, nylon shells and copper alloy contacts.

M12 PCB Connector

In order to ensure the safe operation of CNC lathes and boiler auxiliary machinery and equipment, M12 PCB plug-in board connectors with 4 cores and 5 cores of different models and specifications and materials should be applied according to different directions and different natural environments, for example, acid and alkali resistant materials should be used in unique processes. If it is a general connection, it only needs to apply standard materials; In the case of limit switches, infrared sensors and other automation technology components, M12 PCB plug-in board connectors with M12 socket specifications can be used. The cable length can be customized according to the customer’s regulations on the spot.

If it is used in extreme natural environments such as oil stains and dust, in order to ensure smooth communication in long-term reliable work, the M12 PCB plug-in board connector should have a high waterproof grade and excellent anti-vibration characteristics.

M12 PCB Connector

M12 PCB plug-in board connector field is a supporting facility field, and its development is closely related to the social and economic development rate, and it is also closely related to the development of main fields. The following aspects will bring opportunities to M12 PCB plug-in board connector:

1. the basic construction of hydropower plants and the generation of various power networks will bring opportunities to overhead cables and M12 PCB plug-in connectors.

2. The industrial production of telecommunication networks is still fully developed again, which will promote the continuous development of communication optical cables and optical cables. The transmission of the data signal is closely related to the model selection of M12 PCB plug-in board connector.

3. With the development of the engineering construction industry, it will bring opportunities to M12 PCB plug-in board connectors for engineering lines and other electrical equipment and weapons.

4. The automobile industry will become a breakthrough point in economic development, which will bring rapid development to M12 PCB plug-in board connectors and silk-clad wires of vehicles.

5. The key technical equipment of the railway line will reach the international standard. This shows the sales market for M12 PCB plug-in board connectors and M12 connectors for transmitting data signals of electrified electric locomotives.

6. The development of the shipbuilding industry will bring vitality to marine moisture-proof connectors, and the upgrading of marine cables will be accelerated.

7. The development of industrial production will increase the usage of motors, and it is estimated that the winding wire will have a stable development at low speed. However, the change of motor flame retardant grade from B to F will accelerate the upgrading of electronic device connectors.

8. The improvement of people’s living standards will show the sales market for the further development of special cables and other magnetic induction M12 PCB plug-in connectors.

9. The development of the city will promote the development of urban tracks and the application of various M12 PCB plug-in connectors for flame retardant switches. Mine anti-connectors for lighting fixtures used in tunnel construction and subway stations are also a bright spot.

M12 PCB Connector

M12 PCB plug-in board connector can be used for the output and communication of various data signals, connecting various sensors to the junction box according to the connector, and transmitting the position, temperature and working pressure to the data collection machinery and equipment according to a cable, thus reasonably simplifying the wiring of machinery and equipment, ensuring the connection, reducing the wiring time and the wiring difficulty coefficient, thus controlling the cost and expenditure, and making the maintenance in the middle and later stages very convenient.

After reading the above, I believe everyone must have a deeper understanding of M12 PCB board connector. Elecbee specializes in all kinds of electronic components: sensor connector, cable connector, cable socket, automotive wiring harness, round connector, waterproof socket, water level and temperature sensor, etc. Quality is guaranteed, welcome to contact us.


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