Regarding the M12, M8 connector, what are the specific performance indicators that need to be considered?

The specific problem needs to be considered according to the conditions of use of the connector, including the size of the measurement range, the measured position on the volume of the connector, the measurement is contact or non-contact, signal extraction method, wired or non-contact measurement.

1.Accuracy is an important performance index industrial circular connector, which is an important part of the accuracy of the measurement system. The higher the connector, its price is expensive, so the accuracy of the circular connector satisfies only the entire industrial measurement system can be, not necessarily the high precision requirements.

2.The linear range of the sensor connector is a range proportional to the output and input. In theory, the sensitivity remains unchanged within this range. The larger the linear range of the sensor connector, the larger the measurement range, and the measurement accuracy is guaranteed to a certain extent. When selecting a sensor connector, when the type of connector is determined, the first thing to consider is to meet the requirements.

3.In the linear range of the sensor sensitivity of the sensor connector as high as possible. Because only high sensitivity, the output signal corresponding to the measured value is conducive to signal processing. It should be noted that the high sensitivity of the sensor connector is measured that it does not depend on the environmental noise, and the amplification system lead is enlarged to affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, the sensor connector itself should have a high signal-to-noise ratio to minimize interference from the imported external signal.

4.The sensor connector maintains a constant ability after a period of time is called stability. Factors affecting the long-term stability of the sensor connector In addition to the structure of the sensor connector, it is mainly the environment of the sensor connector. Therefore, in order to make the sensor connector have good stability, the sensor connector must have a strong ability to adapt the environment.

.5. The frequency of the sensor connector responds high, the measured signal frequency variation range is wide, and due to the influence of the company is affected by the design characteristics of social structure, the inertia of the mechanical management system is large, and thus the frequency of low frequency connectors can measure the frequency of signals. relatively low. In dynamic control measurements, the characteristics of the signal should be responsive to the characteristics of the signal (steady state, transient, random, etc.), so as not to generate an error of excessive pressure.

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