In the automotive market, new energy vehicles have gradually become the mainstream. In addition to breakthroughs in key technologies such as batteries, motors, and electronic control, core electronic components including connectors must make a difference. Today, Elecbee engineers are here to share with you an article about the development prospects of connectors in the new energy automobile industry.


Since new energy vehicles are green and environmentally friendly vehicles, the connectors in the components also require green environmental protection. Whether it is the production of components or the actual application, the use of green materials, avoiding pollution, and reducing energy consumption have become factors that connector manufacturers must consider, and these green features will also become product market advantages. As an important representative of the connectors in new energy vehicles, the rise of new energy vehicles has naturally undergone tremendous changes.


Therefore, in the future new energy vehicle market, connectors will develop in the four directions of safety, greening, diversification, and modularization. The following four development directions are mainly explained:

  • Safety: New energy vehicle connectors have to withstand higher current and voltage, and the connectors have to withstand harsh environments such as high-intensity vibration, high temperature, water mist and dust during the working process, so the safety of the connector must be people The top priority of attention.
  • Greening: The rapid development of new energy vehicles is due to people’s increasing attention and attention to environmental protection. In the future, people will be more demanding on the material selection of connectors, and strive to minimize the harm to the human body and the environment.
  • Diversification: The diversification of the layout of the wiring harness for new energy vehicles will have more diversified requirements for the structure, installation space, and size of the connector.
  • Modularity: The connectors are gradually moving towards modular design to quickly meet the diverse needs of customers. Therefore, we have reason to believe that the connector will have a bright future and shine in the future market.

With the progress of the times and the rapid development of electronic technology, connector products in electronic components are not only embodied in the automotive industry, but even the medical industry, smart home industry and microelectronics industry are getting more and more attention. , Because these electronic products are closely related to our daily lives. Nowadays, components are getting smaller and smaller, circuit density is getting higher and higher, and transmission speed is getting faster and faster. This is the future development trend of electronic products. These will also become new growth points in the connector industry.

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