The M8 3 pin connector can display the disconnection and connection of the current for machinery and equipment.So as to ensure the safety of the machine and equipment,We should have a certain grasp of the safety factor of the M8 3 pin connector. Let’s learn about it as below:

1.Flame retardant safety factor

The power consumption must be safe. If it is not suitable, there will be a risk of fire. Therefore, the selected M8 3 pin connector should achieve the purpose of flame retardancy of aluminum silicate fiber. In addition, it is stipulated that once it is ignited and caught on fire Under the circumstances, it can play a flame retardant effect and maintain the safety factor of machinery and equipment, so its raw materials should be insulating materials.

2.Compression safety factor

The M8 3 pin connector should have a certain impact resistance. The key to this impact resistance is that part of the insulation layer and the grounding device and the part of the mutual insulation layer of the contact pair can bear the rated value within a certain period of time. The working voltage will be high, but it is not easy to penetrate.

M8 Panel Receptacles

3.Safety factor of grounding resistance

Part of the insulating layer of the M8 3 pin connector releases the working pressure, which can cause leakage current on part of the surface of the insulating layer, so that there will be a certain resistance value. Its grounding resistance value is generally under the standard of the standard atmosphere, but in In specific applications, due to the hazards of temperature and environmental humidity, the ground resistance value is reduced.

To complete the waterproof function of M8 3 pin connector, it is necessary to ensure that the docking page and each sub-page can complete the sealing function.

The 3 pin structure of the M8 connector is divided into two parts: a plug and a power socket. In general applications, the power socket is installed on the experimental instrument and fixed according to the installation flange. The plug is constructed as a cable wire and can be docked with the power socket to complete the transmission function. The butt end is equipped with a rectangular silicone ring, both sides are set in the installation threaded holes, and the tail is made of epoxy resin for sealing.

When installing, use 2 mounting screws, and choose the post-board mounting method. The power socket is fixed on the mounting plate. The square sealing ring on the power socket is reduced when the mounting screws are tightened, which is airtight and waterproof. The other end of the M8 3 pin connector should be fixed with a waterproof cable clamp. The M8 3 pin connector is installed in the waterproof cable clamp. The mounting screws on both sides of the cable clamp cross the M8 3 pin connector. A large volume is set up at the docking end of the waterproof cable clamp. Large sealing ring.

M8 3 Pin Connector

When the plug is docked with the power socket, the mounting screws on both sides of the cord clamp and the threads of the hexagonal mounting screws on the control panel are engaged. With the effect of the mounting screws, the M8 3 pin connector and the power socket are mated; in addition, the waterproof cable The square sealing ring of the docking end of the clip suffers from the shrinkage of the installation control panel, which completes the sealing and waterproof effect of the M8 3 pin connector docking page.

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