Although the industrial M16 aviation plug and the electromechanical component connector may seem to be one thing, they are actually completely different products. Let’s distinguish the difference between the two in detail.

Industrial M16 aviation plug

Industrial connectors are also called industrial plugs and sockets. It is a classification of low-voltage electrical appliances, mainly including the following types of equipment:

  1. M16 aviation plug socket. Function: Connect the flexible cable to the fixed wiring device at will.
  2. Coupler M16 aviation plug. It consists of two parts: connector and plug. Function: arbitrarily connect two flexible cables
M16 aviation plug

Connectors for electromechanical components

What are electromechanical components? Electromechanical components are a kind of components that use mechanical or electrical methods to make the circuit turn on, off, and switch joint control.

Main products: Aviation plug connectors, conversion connectors, fixed connectors, floating installation connectors, free connectors, free mating connectors, aviation sockets, circular aviation plugs, cabinet connectors, rectangular connectors, low frequency connectors.

The difference between industrial M16 aviation plug and electromechanical component connector.

Different rated frequencies:

  • Industrial M16 aviation plug: frequency ≤500Hz
  • Electromechanical component connector: frequency ≤500Hz, the specified frequency of low-frequency connector should be lower than 3MHz

Different classification:

According to the protection level classification, it can be divided into:

  • Splash-proof electrical accessories
  • Watertight electrical accessories

According to the grounding structure, it can be divided into:

  • Electrical accessories without grounding contacts
  • Electrical accessories with grounding contacts

According to the cable connection mode, it can be divided into:

  • Rewirable plugs and connectors
  • Non-rewirable plugs and connectors

According to the interlocking mechanism, it can be divided into:

  • Electrical accessories without interlocks, with or without integral switchgear
  • Electrical accessories with mechanical interlock
  • Point electrical interlocking electrical accessories

Different uses:

Industrial M16 aviation plug: usually used in manufacturing.

Electromechanical component connector: Compared with the industrial M16 aviation plug, the application range is much wider. In addition to the function of connecting the power supply, it is more used as a connector for electrical signal transmission. Therefore, its structure is far more complicated than industrial connectors.

Therefore, the industrial M16 aviation plug and the electromechanical component connector are two completely different products, and the relevant testing standards do not distinguish the difference between the two. There is no national standard for the electromechanical component connector. When choosing a product, the safety of the product must be considered.

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