Recently,Some users gradually choose SMB connectors because SMB series connectors can improve the consistency of the connector installation and their excellent performance,The SMB series can also be used in commercial and military.In fact,The same application be selected through have many schemes,The user can choose the suitable connectors based on their demand.

Connection mechanism selection:

Coupling mechanism make it possible to connect the two connector,It depends on the required mass and impedance characteristics of the two interfaces coupled together and the operation frequency.The connection mechanism has a great influence on the performance of the connector.Here are five common connection mechanisms.

RF Connectors

Screwed Coupling Mechanism:This type of connect use a coupling nut to connect,It should be noted that the limitation of the maximum torque in case the nut slides,Connector with threaded connection mechanism have the series as below: SMC、SMA、TNC、N、7/16、SSMA、CC4、L9,They mainly use in test equipment,military and telecommunication equipment.

Snap-on Coupling Mechanism:They are mainly used in connectors for small interfaces and their installation density is relatively high.Because this kind of connection mechanism is more convenient and easy to use,they’re usually used in the PCB panel.

The push-in Coupling Mechanism: This type of connect has a locking reed,The advantages of them are the dialing is very quick and convenient,This type of bindiny mechanism is mainly used in miniature connector series,Like:MMCX、MCX、SMB、SSMB、SMZ series.

Slide-on Coupling Mechanism: They usually used high density installation occasions.It’s very easy to plug and dial,This type of connector is mainly used in board – to – board coaxial connection systems.The connection mechanism is mainly used in small DIN multi-end connectors,Like BMA、C4、C5、C6、ERI,They are usually modular installations.

BNC Bayonet Connection

Bayonet Coupling Mechanism: There are a pair of lock slots,this kind of locking mechanism is the unique feature for BNC connectors.Bayonet connection mechanism is usually used in applications where reliable connections are required and can be inserted quickly,For example:testing and measuring equipment and military equipment.

Push-Pull Self-Latching: This connection mechanism has a unique way of self-locking.It is as quick and convenient as a slip-in connection when plugged, but it is very reliable.When it locks itself, even a pull cable will not unlock.Push-in self-locks are typically used on small connectors in high-density installations such as:1.0/2. 3,1.6/5.6 series. It is fast and reliable.

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