The standards of USB connector have existed for many years. As technology needs and capabilities increased, it continued to evolve and improve. USB-IF(USB Implementers Forum) has released specification of USB Type C connector. And in the table below, we can see that the progression of USB connector, which was developed from USB A up to USB C. Also USB connector has developed into many modes and types. They were enhanced during these years and included different features. Nowadays, with the aim of boosting the performance of USB connector, let’s focus on the various signal specification of them.

The USB Type C connector can be used to transmit and recieve signals which doesn’t conform the signal standards.

There are many advantages of USB Type C.

Compared to other previous generations, USB Type C connectors benefits from the wide availbility and inexpensive. Much more enhancements with Type C connector, such as more conductors, smaller package size, higher current rating and voltage as well.

Nowadays, the size of USB Type C connectors is much reduced, which allows to use in a wider range of application. And USB Type C connectors can be not only connected in right-sight up, but also in up-side down. In addition, it can allow for faster and easier insertion of plugs into receptacles.

USB Type C connectors have 24 contacts and achieve durability rating up to 10,000 insertion, and USB Type A connectors can carry an 1,500 mating cycles as well. Between the power and ground pins, USB Type C connectors are also rated up 20 V.

Above all, we can know that the USB Type C Connector is a worthy upgrade. As time goes by, USB-C will appear in more and more devices of all types. And one day, USB Type C may even replace the Lightning connector on Apple’s iPhones and iPads. is an electronic conponents store online, and we provide retail and customized services. Various USB Type C Connector are there. All order will be free shipped over $100. We Offer many kinds of electronic connectors, RF coaxial connectors, adapters and USB connector to satisfy your different requirement and application with High quality insurance.

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