The name of the RF coaxial connector is often defined by the inner diameter of the outer conductor, 3. 5mm, 2. 4mm, 1.85mm 1mm, etc. Or defined by the inner conductor diameter and the outer diameter of the outer conductor, such as 7/16, 1.6/5.6 connectors.

According to the standard characteristics of each RF connector, the following table shows the difference between RF coaxial connectors and frequency range.

RF Connector TypeMaximum Operating FrequencySpecialityVSWRInner Diameter of the Outer ConductorMaximum Working VoltageWithstanding voltageApplication Fields
DIN7/16(L29)7.5GHzLarge thread; High power capacity<1.316mm(Inner diameter:7mm)2700Vrms4000VrmsBroadcast television antenna system. Mobile communication connection, Microwave communication system and cable connection
14mm8.5GHzThread Type<1.314.29mmMetrology and research fields; Material testing
N18GHzMid Power Thread Type<1.37mm1000Vrms2500VrmsRadio equipment; Instrument(with 75Ω version, but does not match 50Ω)
7mm18GHzSmall Thread Type<1.37mmNetwork Analyzer
BNC4GHzBayonet<1.36.5mm500Vrms1500VrmsWidely used in radio equipment and electronic instruments (75Ω version, matching 50Ω)
TNC11GHzThread (The Thread of BNC Connector)<1.36.5mm500Vrms1500VrmsRadio equipment (military) and instruments
F1GHz75Ω Thread Type<1.3170Vrms500VrmsRadio and television industry
DIN1.6/5.6(L9)1GHz75Ω Small Thread Type5.6mm330Vrms1000VrmsRadio equipment; communication equipment (with 50Ω version, matching 75Ω)
SAA(CC4,DIN1.0/2.3)4.8GHz(50Ω); 1.5GHz(75Ω)Small Straight Clamp Type<1.25250Vrms750VrmsRF cable (DIN41626 standard) in the high-frequency circuit of printed board high and low frequency hybrid connectors
SMA12.4GHz(Flexible cable); 18GHz(Semi-rigid cable)Small Thread Type; Compatible with 3.5mm and 2.92 Connectors<1.25(Flexible straight cable)4.13mm335Vrms1000VrmsMicrowave equipment and digital communication system (conversion circuit of the same axial waveguide microstrip); Test instrument
SMB4GHz(75Ω,2GHz)Small Snap on Clamp Type<1.343mm250Vrms750VrmsCommunication equipment; Navigation system; Electric instrument (with 75Ω version, in most cases not matching 50Ω)
SMC10GHzSmall Thread Type<1.253mm750Vrms750VrmsMilitary equipment such as radar navigation (the internal structure is identical to SMB)
3.5mm(APC-3.5)33GHzSmall Thread Type; Compatible with SMA and 2.92mm Connectors3.5mmPrecision instrument
2.92mm(K)40GHzMiniature Thread Type; Compatible with SMA and 3.5mm Connectors2.92mm750VPrecision instrument
2.4mm(APC-2.4)50GHzMiniature Thread Type; Compatible with 1.85mm Connectors2.4mm750VPrecision instrument
1.85mm65GHzMiniature Thread Type; Compatible with 2.4mm Connectors1.85mm500VPrecision instrument
SSMA35GHzMiniature Thread Type<1.072.79mm250Vrms750VrmsMobile communication device
SSMB3GHz(50Ω); 2GHz(75Ω)Miniature Snap on Clamp Type<1.222.08mm250Vrms500VrmsMicro-miniature radio equipment and communication equipment (with 75Ω version)
SSMC6GHzMiniature Thread Type<1.252mm250Vrms250VrmsMiniaturized instrument
MCX6GHzSmall Snap on Clamp Type<1.221.6mm250Vrms750VrmsAntenna; GPS system; Base station application; Cable assembly; Electrical components; Instrumentation; Transmission system; Wireless communication system; Telecommunication system; (with 75Ω version)
MMCX6GHzMicrominiature Snap on Clamp Type<1.221mm250Vrms500VrmsWireless base station; telecommunication system; Radio frequency test system; Electronic equipment; Network application; Aeronautical equipment; GPS system; Satellite communication system; Personal computer memory card (PCMCIA) card; Cable assembly
1mm110GHzMiniature Thread Type170VrmsPrecision instruments; Weapons

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