With the rapid development of industrial automation, the circular connector has become a very common mechanical and electronic accessory. Its main function is to bridge the gap between different circuits and ensure the flow of current or signal. An integral part of an electronic device. Observing along the path of current circulation, one or more will be found, which can be divided into many types according to the form and structure. It can be seen everywhere in our corners, for example: U disk interface, hard disk drive, car control equipment Wait. Regardless of the industry in which it is used, the most basic performance requirements of a circular connector ensure smooth, continuous and reliable current flow, so its main characteristics are connection and conduction.

M series sensor connectors

1. Electrical conductivity of metals

Metal conduction performance is unsurpassed by many materials, so its use position has not been able to move, but there is also a resistance problem in the process of use. Resistance is the magnitude of the conductor’s resistance to current in physics. The larger the conductor resistance, the conductor versus current. The greater the hindrance. To ensure the connection and conduction characteristics of the circular connector, attention must be paid to the resistance problem, which is an important electrical indicator that cannot be ignored in its electrical performance.

2. There are many classifications of electrical resistance.

The most important thing for a circular connector is the electrical strength. The transmission signal needs to be loaded by radio waves. It uses the transportation capacity of electricity in the conductor, but if there is interference or operation during the current transmission. If it is not smooth, the signal will be wrong and worn out. If you want to keep the current completely and do not interfere with other signals in the transmission line, you need to solve the interference situation. The most effective way to solve the interference situation is to install the shielding device in the docking part of the connector. The device has anti-electromagnetic interference effect. A range of frequencies can be loaded into the circular connector using a shielding device. Judging whether the circular connector is qualified or not can be judged by the attenuation generated by the frequency after transmission and passage through the connector.

Circular Industry Connectors

3. Good electrical performance

The resistance value is not only related to the material,but also related to the cross-sectional area. The cross-sectional sizes required for different metals are different, and the resistance values of the respective metals are also different. This is also an important internal cause of the transmission delay problem, so the specific circle Shape connectors want to have good electrical performance, and care must be taken in design and material selection.

As the types of signals continue to increase and competition becomes increasingly fierce, it is necessary for the performance of their own products to be accepted by the market. In addition to the above factors, it is necessary to have a comprehensive test of the electrical performance of the connectors. Elecbee is trusted company specializing in R&D. All its products are from the OEM Original Factory, same quality with much better price.For further assistance or know more about our products, please feel free to contact us.


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