Today, we are going to talk about electronic components. Here we will introduce the classification of electronic components. Electronic components are the general term for components and devices.

First, components refer to the finished product that remains the molecular composition, while produced and processed in the factory. For example, common electronic components include resistors, capacitors and inductors. It’s also called passive device, because it doesn’t produce electrons and control or convert voltage and current by itself. Also, it doesn’t need the energy.

Components can be divided into two categeries:

  • Circuit Devices: Diodes, Resistors, etc.
  • Connection type devices: connectors, sockets, connecting cables, printed circuit boards (PCBs)

Second, device is related to the finished product whose molecular structure has been changed, while production and processing in the factory, such as transistors, tubes, integrated circuits.

And device can be separated into two types.

1. Active device, its main features obtain:

  • self-power consumptionalso requires external power.

2. Discrete devices, divided into

  • bipolar transistors
  • field effect transistors
  • SCR
  • semiconductor resistors and capacitors.
Electronic Components Introduction

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