USB Type-C connector (USB Type C you need to know) is the future as its fast transmission speed, great efficient, fast plug-in design and reliable performance. Currently, almost all new arrived Android phones will basically use USB type C connectors. Macbook and more and more new PCs will also use the type C port. However, the fast development of Type C connectors is not always smooth, USB Type C connectors have a few problems need to be concerned in application.

For new users for USB Type C connectors, here we will point out some of the expertise you need to know.

Type C you need to know

1. Incorrect use of the cable may cause your device fry.

This is the most important thing for users of USB-Type C connectors. Because the previous generations of USB interfaces do not need to be too concerned about the cable, if you plug the USB 1.0 cable into the USB 2.0 port, most of the time it works. In this case, most people do not need to consider which cable to buy.

But this is not the case with USB-type C. Ignoring this may cost you a lot. For example, one end of the wire is connected to the older USB-A connector, and the other end is connected to the new generation of USB-C connector, because the USB-C connector and cable support faster charging speed than USB-A, if you use it at this time. A cable plugs a USB-A device (such as a mobile phone) into the USB-C port, and the phone may consume too much power, causing an explosion on the USB-C port or even the phone.

Cables produced on the market in accordance with the standard process can be prevented by built-in resistors. As a consumer, it must be noted that USB cables must be purchased from a reliable supplier that can provide good technical specifications, and the compatibility of the equipment with the supplier is confirmed. Otherwise, it is actually difficult to determine how their quality is in appearance. Products that emphasize low prices all need to be alert to security risks.

2. Not all USB Type C ports are the same

If you use the USB Type A interface, things will be relatively simple, because basically anything you can insert will work. However, the USB Type C connector is not exactly the same. Type C adapters or wires can work normally at certain times, but they may not work at some time. You also need to look at the functions provided by your device.

Most cables on the market support USB 2.0 instead of USB 3.0 or 3.1. Because most of the cable functions are only for charging. If you need to use them for anything else, such as connecting devices or transferring data, they won’t work, or they will be extremely slow.

This complexity is due to some additional features in the use of USB Type C. For example, Thunderbolt 3 is a collaboration between Intel and Apple that delivers 40 Gbps of transfer speed, four times faster than the USB 3.1 standard, and supports two 4K displays connected to a single port. These speeds are only available for Thunderbolt 3 compatible devices, and must also use a Thunderbolt 3 compatible cable.

It is precisely because of the diversity of USB port functions that it is more flexible in use, but for most users, it also causes confusion in their use, because it may be necessary to figure out something similar before confirming compatibility, like “Thunderbolt 3”.

3. USB Type C interface replacement problem

Although the USB Type C port is a trend, it is really troublesome to use a device with only a USB-Type C port. Users who use a MacBook Pro should have a deep understanding of this. Because with the rapid development of electronic devices over the years, USB cables have been widely used in various hard disk drives, printers and other devices. Switching all to the Type C port means that these wires can no longer be used with laptops.

There are generally only two options for facing this situation. The first is to replace all cables with Type C cables, which may require a large number of cables to be replaced. The second option is to purchase a few simple adapters and still use the old cables. It also means tracking several dongles, but it does the job quickly.

However, the above is only for USB. There may be more potential dongle for Ethernet and display. As mentioned above, not every USB Type-C connector supports the same display protocol, so you must purchase a port for your device. This means that it can be painful to buy a compatible dongle, and buying all of these things is not cheap. If you still need to carry a laptop and connect it to a different type of monitor or projector, you need more dongle. 

Above, we introduced the three points of using type c connectors at In the process of actually using and purchasing the product, it is recommended to pay attention to the compatibility of the Type C port and the cable. It is best to know whether the device used by the Type C port has special requirements and function points before purchase and identify it. Mark on the product to understand the performance of the product to ensure that you find the product that is right for you. For more problems when using and purchasing of usb type c, we will update at the blog later.

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