BNC connector (Bayonet Neill-Concelman), commonly used RF coaxial cable connector, is developed by engineer Carl Concelman and Bell Labs’s Paul Neill. BNC connectors are made to match the characteristic impedance of cable at 50 ohms or 75 ohms. The surface is usually plated with nickel and is typically used at frequencies below 4 GHz and voltages below 500 volts. BNC connector is designed of bayonet connection. Convenient connection is the best advantages of BNC connector. Generally, it can be connected in less than one rotation when connecting the card sleeve. BNC connector can be used of frequently connect and disconnect, and is the most versatile and cost-effective RF connector.

The application of BNC Connectors:

Originally, the BNC connector was designed for military use and is now widely recognized in video and RF applications. BNC connectors contain slotted outer conductors and plastic dielectrics, which increase losses at higher frequencies. While the frequencies are higher than 4 GHz, the slots can radiate signals, and connectors are still available. But he signal transmission is unstable above 11 GHz.

BNC connectors are often used for signal connections, such as:

   Analog and serial digital interface video signals

   Radio antenna

   Aerospace Electronics (Avionics)

   Test equipment.

Different types of BNC connectors:

Almostly, BNC connectors are available for every type of coaxial cable, most popular of which are Cable RG6, RG11 and RG59. In the CCTV field, BNC connectors are the most commonly for Cable RG59. And it is designed to match different types of coaxial cables. Only if you choose the correctly cable for BNC connector,can you connect successfully.

The most common methods for connecting BNC connectors and cables are compression and crimp. A crimp type BNC connector deforms the connector’s metal by flattening the connector sleeve onto the cable, forcing it to squeeze around the cable to make the connection. The compression type BNC connector uses a 360-degree clamp to clamp the connector and connect the connector to the cable and effectively prevent dust and moisture from entering. Although compressed connections require more cost, compression can ensure more efficient connection, longer lasting time, and better performance.

different between TNC & BNC

The key to buying a BNC connector:

When buying a BNC connector, the most important thing is to choose a connector that suits the cable type. Once you have selected your cable, you must select the connector that can match your cable. You can choose compression or crimp connectors as long as you ensure that your connector type matches the cable type.

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