Since the products that need to use the connector are developed in the direction of appearance refinement, installation simplicity and long service life, the existence of the pin probe connector has well solved the needs of the connector manufacturer. Therefore, it has become the favor of many connector manufacturers. After a large number of related tests, the factors affecting the life of the pin probe connection are as follows.

Pogo Pin Connectors

1. Frictional corrosion

The friction of the pin probe connector during operation and the corrosion of various corrosive substances in the working environment are important factors for greatly reducing the life of the pin probe connector.

2. Electrical accident

This type of fault generally refers to the connection between the wire and the terminal and is a factor that directly affects the life of the pin probe connector. In order to solve this problem effectively, a new type of reinforced crimping technology has emerged, which is an upgraded version of the previous crimping technology. After testing, this technology can greatly reduce the occurrence of electrical faults, and has gradually begun to be applied in actual production.

3. Plugging problem

The problem of plugging and unplugging the pin probe connector has always been an important factor in the failure. The control of the insertion force is difficult, and it is easy to fall off when it is small, and it will be damaged when it is large. This has always been a big problem in this respect, so many designers can’t think of any good way. The more methods used now are to control different insertion and extraction forces depending on the place of use. Although the application of a part of the pin probe connector can be guaranteed to some extent, this problem cannot be completely solved.

Pogo Pin Connectors Gold Plating

In addition, the gold plating process of the connector pins is also very important.

  1. If the connector PIN pin is not subjected to the electroplating gold plating process, the signal and conductivity of the product may cause instability.
  2. A good connector PIN pin plating process will be gold-plated because gold can better improve electrical conductivity and high thermal performance, as well as oxidation and corrosion.
  3. The connector PIN pin performs the electroplating gold plating process to increase the service life of the product. The greater the thickness, the more obvious the effect.
  4. Therefore, the advantages of the connector PIN pin for electroplating gold plating are very high, and other electroplating processes are not expensive, or have low service life and are not resistant to plugging.

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