Pogo pins, also known as pogo pins, are widely used in various precision electronic instruments, mainly playing a connection role, used to transmit electrical energy and signals.

Pogo Pin composition:

The pogo pin is mainly composed of three parts. One is the housing, which is the needle tube, the other is the spring, and the third is the needle shaft. The needle tube is the main structure, which plays the role of shaping and supporting. The needle tube is usually made of copper material and gold-plated on the outer wall to play the role of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion, and to improve mechanical and electrical performance, and to play a better role in the transmission of electrical energy and signals. The spring mainly acts as a pushing force to make the needle shaft contact the connection point better. According to different products, different parts, and different connection requirements, the material and strength of the pogo pin connector are also formulated differently. And most of the current also needs to pass through the spring, so sometimes it is necessary to plate the spring.

Pogo Pin Connector Shaped Series

The needle shaft is the contact part for the connection point, which is connected with the needle tube and achieves the effect of movement through the spring. Therefore, the strength and electrical performance of the needle shaft must be effective. After long-term use, it must also have high durability and high Abrasion resistance requirements. For the needle tube, the inside of the needle tube needs to be smooth so that the needle shaft can move better.

Advantages of Pogo Pin connectors:

1.Stable contact resistance. Pogo Pin connectors are mostly used in smart devices and other smart terminal devices, so they must have stable current signals and resistances to stabilize the performance of the device.

2.It also stands out in terms of operating frequency and duration. The Pogo Pin connector needs to be repeatedly plugged and unplugged during work, so the frequency of its work is relatively strict, and the service life of Pogo Pin can reach about 50,000 times.

3.Pogo Pin connector has the characteristics of small size, high density, and lightweight. With the development of technology, smart devices are more compact, their functions are more and more powerful, and their appearances are also diverse. Therefore, Shenzhen Pogo Pin connector manufacturers have a very high volume and precision of Pogo Pin connectors Claim.

4.Easy to update. As technology advances, new and more complete components can be used to replace old components when Pogo Pin connectors are installed.

5.With waterproof and moisture-proof functions. In development, the waterproof and moisture-proof functions of Pogo Pin connectors will be better.

Multi Pin Series Pogo Pin Connector

The next article will continue to introduce you to the relevant knowledge of Pogo Pin connectors, so stay tuned! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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