The threaded connection is a widely used detachable fixed connection, which has the advantages of simple structure, reliable connection and convenient disassembly and assembly. Today, I will introduce the relevant knowledge of thread connection.

There are many kinds of connection forms for aviation plugs, among which the threaded connection is composed of three parts: shell, screw sleeve and tail cover. It has the advantages of compact structure, stable performance and high reliability. It has a wide range of applications and is a good one. Electronic connection device.

M12 Panel Receptacles Threaded Connection

In order to ensure a firm connection between the housing and the tail cover, there is a gap between the screw sleeve and the tail cover, the screw sleeve is divided into left and right parts along the axis line, and the tail cover, the tail cover and the housing are provided in the housing There are screw sleeves between them, the inner surface of the shell is provided with internal threads connected with the screw sleeves, and the outer surface of the screw sleeves has external threads. The inner layer of the threaded connection structure is provided with an inner annular groove connected with the tail cover, the shell and the tail cover can also rotate relatively, and it is convenient when the aviation plug is aligned and inserted. Therefore, the threaded connection has the advantages of simple structure, high connection reliability, convenient disassembly and assembly, small size and high contact density.

According to different shapes, the threads can be divided into many types, for example: according to the plane shape, the threads can be divided into triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal and zigzag threads, etc.; according to the winding direction of the spiral, they can be divided into left-hand threads and right-hand threads Thread, when the thread is upright, the spiral line rises to the right to the right-hand thread, and to the left to the left-hand thread. The right-hand thread is generally used in mechanical manufacturing, and it is very common, and the left-hand thread is special in the mechanical manufacturing process. It is used only when required; according to the number of spirals, it can be divided into single-thread and multi-thread with equal spacing. Generally, the thread does not exceed 4 threads. This is mainly for manufacturing convenience.

M Series Sensor Connectors

The threaded connection structure of the aviation plug has a small volume, a high frequency bandwidth, and excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Therefore, it can be used in an ambient temperature of -55 ℃~ 125 ℃. When the ambient temperature is 40 ℃, the relative humidity is 90%-95%. The atmospheric pressure is 30kpa, and the operation is very simple. Therefore, the aviation plug is widely used in aviation, radar, digital communication, video processing, medical equipment, instrumentation, etc. It is also used in detection, inflation, plugging, calibration or venting, etc. Connection part.

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