The connector is a device that connects two active components and is used to transmit current or signals. Connectors’ is widely used and take important role in it’s application. For the connector failure mode and the cause of failure, the following measures can be taken:

First, the problem of increased contact resistance

  1. Elastic materials should be selected from materials with good elasticity, stiffness, strength and stress relaxation.
  2. Improve the quality of plating. The coated metal material not only requires good electrical conductivity, but also wear and corrosion resistance.
  3. Improve the precision of processing and assembly, and ensure the correct matching of pins and jacks.
  4. Proper use and operation to avoid forced insertion and straightening.
RF Connector N Type

Second, the problem of open-circuit

  1. Use a suitable crimping tool to avoid damage to the crimping chamber and wires.
  2. Improve the accuracy of the base, pins, jacks and the concentricity of the pins and jacks.
  3. The pin material is selected from materials that have good mechanical properties and are not easily bent and deformed.

Third, the problem of short circuit and insulation resistance drop

  1. Insulating materials should be selected materials with good environmental stress resistance, good moisture resistance, good dielectric properties and good processing performance.
  2. Insulation materials and potting materials should be avoided during processing to prevent metal particles or other conductive substances from being trapped in the materials.
  3. Clean production, prevent the presence of conductive metal chips and other particles between the contacts in the processing.
  4. Improve the mold and processing technology to avoid bubbles and cracks in the insulation.
  5. Proper operation and use, do not force the insertion and removal, prevent the pin from loosening, deformation or damage.

Fourth, the problem of increased insertion force and life expectancy

  1. Base material Select materials with dimensional stability, stiffness and strength.
  2. Improve the processing accuracy and consistency of the base, pins and jacks.
  3. Choose high-quality corrosion-resistant coating materials and improve plating quality.
RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Fifth, the problem of increasing the VSWR

  1. Cable joints should be reinforced.
  2. Take various measures to eliminate the instability of contact resistance.
  3. Pay attention to the alignment of the plug and socket contacts and the size of the male and female contacts when plugging and unplugging.
  4. The medium between the inner and outer conductors should be selected from materials with stable performance.
  5. The frequency of attention should be in accordance with the usage regulations.

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