As one of the emerging industries, new energy vehicles have become a key breakthrough in energy conservation, emission reduction, economic revitalization and industrial structure transformation. With the rapid development of the automotive industry, customers’ requirements for new energy vehicles have gradually become higher. The working environment of new energy vehicle connectors is relatively harsh. If the sealing of the connector is not good, it will directly affect the working stability and reliability. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the sealing performance of the connector.1

EV Car Charger Connector
  • Application and working principle of Connector

The application of the new energy vehicle connector is to build a bridge where the internal circuit is blocked, so that the current can flow normally. The function of connecting and conducting can be achieved through the mutual cooperation and docking of the plug sheath and the socket sheath. In order to meet the working environment requirements of new energy vehicles, the plug sheath and socket sheath should not only consider whether the terminals in the sheath can be docked conveniently, but also the anti-vibration function during use. Therefore, the size matching between the plug sheath and the socket sheath is relatively complicated, and the superposition error of the matching size is relatively large, and it is impossible to achieve waterproofing only through the coordination between the sheaths.

  • The waterproof sealing principle of the connector

The sealing ring is usually used to achieve the waterproof sealing effect at the matching place of the sheath, and the waterproof sealing effect is achieved by reasonably designing the interference between the sealing ring and the sheath. The deformation of the sealing ring fills the gap between the jackets and isolates the entry of external air and water. This requires the sealing ring to have a certain strength and hardness, and considering the processing cost and manufacturability, the sealing ring on the connector for new energy vehicles Usually made of silicone rubber or EPDM rubber.Factors affecting the waterproof effect of the connector.

  • Factors affecting the waterproof effect of the connector

The compression rate is the most important factor affecting the sealing performance of the connector. If the compression rate is too small, it may offset part of the compression due to the reduction in the cross-sectional size of the seal ring during pre-tensioning. If the compression rate is insufficient, the seal ring cannot be self-locking. And cause seal failure. If it is too large, it will be difficult to assemble, which may cause the sealing ring to be distorted and reduce the sealing performance and service life of the sealing ring. Therefore, an appropriate compression rate should be selected to ensure the best waterproof effect of the connector.

EV Connector

The sealing performance of new energy vehicle connectors is inextricably linked with the use of new energy vehicles. Ensuring the sealing performance of the connectors is an important part to be implemented. Elecbee is an online market for electronic parts, all of which come from the most competitive factories in China. If you have any questions related to the connector, please feel free to contact us, or leave your e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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