Aviation plugs play a vital role in our life and production processes. They make the design and production process easier, more flexible, and reduce the cost of production and maintenance. Our daily life and work are inseparable from the existence of aviation plugs. How to use aviation plugs correctly? Here, Elecbee Electronics & Technology engineer will introduce the correct use of aviation plugs and aviation plug use matters needing attention.

Plug and Socket a set of XS connectors

The correct way to use aviation plugs

  1. If the connector is in a separate state, be sure to take dust-proof measures; if the connector has not been separated for a long time, we must put insurance on the plug and socket.
  2. Wipe with a cotton cloth dampened with alcohol while cleaning the connector, and dry it before use.
  3. When the aviation plug is connected or disconnected, the center of gravity of the plug and the socket should be coincident on the same line, and use the horizontal force push or pull out.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to energize when the connector is not locked or not yet linked.

Precautions for using aviation plugs

  1. In the design process of the circular aviation connector, the circular aviation connector is designed to meet the requirement of rated current, when there is current flowing through the contact pair, the contact pair will become hot due to the existence of the conductor resistance and the contact resistance.
  2. When the heat exceeds a certain limit, it will damage the insulation of the circular aviation connector and form contact to soften the surface coating, causing malfunction.
  3. One thing to be aware of when making a selection, it is necessary to limit the temperature inside the circular aviation connector not exceed the specified value of the design.
  4. It should be paid more attention in the case of high current, for example, φ3.5mm contact pair, generally stipulated that its rated current is 50A, but in the 5 core, it should be derated by 33%, that’s to say the rated current per core is only 38A. The more the number of cores, the greater the derating.
Aviation Plugs and Sockets

Because the connector has excellent performance in improving the production process, maintenance and flexibility, it is more necessary for us to pay attention to the method of correct using in daily use. Pay attention to the correct position when connecting and prevent the connection. To avoid damage to the aviation plug and accidents resulting in accidental electric shock. Therefore, when using the aviation plug, we must pay more attention to the selection of the appropriate aviation plug in different occasions, and in accordance with the specified operating specifications.

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