The USB connector can be said to be a dedicated network data transmission interface for electronic devices, which is mainly divided into a USB male connector and a USB female connector. There are also many factors that need to be paid attention to when welding the USB connector. In order to ensure the welding quality of the USB connector, the following article mainly share the knowledge of the welding skills of the USB connector. I hope to help you learn more about USB connectors.

Five soldering tips for USB solder connectors:

1.Because of the small size of the USB connector, the four pins of the USB interface are generally difficult to solder, and if the distance between the pins is too close during soldering, the two pins may be accidentally removed. The pins are soldered together. Faced with this situation, you can use flux to wipe the solder joint pins before soldering. Be careful not to stick too much flux, because it is difficult to wipe off later, and the role of flux not only makes the soldering smoother, but also Fixed the effect that the USB port is not easy to move when welding.

2.After applying the flux, use a soldering iron to clean the tin on each solder joint. The purpose is to prevent excessive tin from causing false soldering. At this time, only a little tin is left on the surface of the solder joint.

3.Then put the USB connector on the pad, and gently put it in the alignment position. After placing it, press the pin with a soldering iron lightly. After a few seconds, it can be soldered.

USB Type C Connectors

4.When soldering the USB connector, pay attention to the operation force not to be too strong to avoid causing the pins of the USB connector to be easily bent by force, and the pads will show unevenness, resulting in the USB there is false welding or false welding when welding the seat.

5.Note that after the final welding is completed, you need to use a multimeter to measure the diode to check whether the welding is good. For example, whether there is any looseness or false welding of the pins, and if there is any phenomenon, the welding should be repeated.

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