To help you understand better, the Elecbee engineer will introduce you from the RJ45’s network port principle and definition. details as follows:

1.The RJ45 Network Port Principle

Before introducing the RJ45’s network port pin definition, let’s take a look at the RJ45’s network port principle. Like the connector we talked about earlier, it is divided into plugs and sockets. The core is a modular jack, and the main body of the jack is designed with an integral locking mechanism so that when the modular plug is inserted, the maximum pull strength can be produced outside the interface of the plug and the jack. The wiring module on the RJ45 module is connected to the twisted pair through a “U” shaped terminal slot, and the locking spring can be used to fix the RJ45 module on an information exit device such as a panel.

2. The RJ45 Connector Network Port Definition

There are two types of common RJ45 interfaces: DTE (data terminal equipment) type for Ethernet network card, router Ethernet interface, etc. and DCE (digital communication equipment) type for switches and the like. When two devices of the same type use the RJ45 interface to communicate, a crossover connection must be used. If the DTE type interface is not connected to the DTE type interface, the touched pins are data receive (transmit) pins and communication are not possible.

Through the layered and in-depth explanation of our Elecbee engineer, I believe that you have a deep understanding of the definition of the RJ45 connector network port, and also have a certain understanding of the network port principle of the RJ45 connector. So, the introduction of this knowledge is here, we will continue to share more knowledge about RJ45 connectors.

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Network modular connector

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