The name aviation plug comes from the military aircraft manufacturing industry in the 30s of the 20th century. At present, the application field of aviation plugs is not only in military equipment and manufacturing, but also in reliable operating environments such as medical equipment, automation, and railway transportation. General aviation plugs contain contacts for transmitting data and power.

What are the basic characteristics and classifications?

Aviation plugs usually have plastic or metal housings around the contacts, which are embedded in the insulation to maintain alignment. These terminals are often paired with cables, which makes them particularly resistant to environmental interference and accidental decoupling. In general non-standard automation, the most commonly used aviation plugs are M12, M8, M5, M16, 5/8′, M23, 7/8′ aviation plugs.

1.Classification of aviation connectors

①Classify aviation plugs according to the number of pins (pins, cores) 

Usually there are three, six or eight pins (number of pins, number of cores) at each end of the aviation plug. 

②Distinguish according to manufacturing specifications, dimensions, connection angles, and connection and disconnection methods. 

Standards for aviation plugs: Standard air plugs usually refer to their design in accordance with German national standards or U.S. military standards (U.S. military standards). According to the size, it can be divided into miniature and small aviation plugs.

2.German standard aviation plug

DIN standard (German National Standardization Agency) : DIN air plugs comply with German electrical standards. The DIN standard includes high-frequency functions and icon functions, such as protection of metal housings and round terminals with concave surfaces. This structure ensures that they are paired in the right coordinated way.

3.US military standard flight insert

Military Specifications (MIL-Standard): Military specification connectors are designed according to best practices for military and aerospace applications. These rugged connectors are ideal for high-impact use and easily resistant to extreme environments. Because of the strong epoxy seal around the terminals, some MIL connectors are actually sealed or dense, and most MIL connectors are waterproof. 

Micro or nano-nano: Micro-mini-small and nano-micro airlines have smaller pin and jack diameters and narrower pitch contacts. This construction helps to save surface space on the terminal surface and reduces the additional weight of the connector on the component.

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