QMA adapters (also known as quick lock adapters), Elecbee 16 QMA adapters are regularly available in stock, regardless of gender. Since 2005, Elecbee has been recognized as an industry leader in providing high-quality RF adapters such as this QMA female or male components. Our high-quality QMA adapter products include N, QMA, and SMA interfaces. Please contact our expert technical support and sales team to get answers to questions about QMA adapters between or within a series.

QMA adapter

Elecbee QMA adapters are provided in this category. Our QMA adapter PDF datasheet specifications and precise CAD drawings and dimensions are located on the product page. You can use QMA female or male (jack or plug) adapters (sometimes called QMA cable couplers or gender converters for the same gender). These female or male (jack or plug) QMA adapters are coaxially interconnected in series or between series.

QMA adapter

Our quality RF adapters with QMA (Quick Lock) interface are manufactured with brass or passivated stainless steel connector bodies. Coaxial adapter product categories include gold-plated, nickel-plated, or three-metal connectors. Beryllium copper or brass are examples of the types of contact materials used in our QMA RF adapters. The QMA contact plating material is gold. The snap-in coupling connection method adapter is designed in this QMA series adapter. These snap-in QMA adapters (also known as QMA adapters in some countries/regions) can be shipped to global destinations on time. Coaxial RF adapters and snap-coupling QMA connectors are shipped in time, as are our other high-quality RF components. Since opening in 2005, Elecbee has become the leading RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave components, so QMA adapter choice. Please contact us first to understand your QMA adapter needs and other RF requirements.

Elecbee is a shop that sells various electronic products. Our cable connectors are purchased from Chinese original equipment manufacturers at high quality and competitive prices. There are more questions you can leave us a message. Elecbee electronic engineers provide the most professional answers to help you choose the correct and safe connector


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