DIN connector is a connector standard developed by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN, Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.). Because there are too many DIN connector standards, the term DIN connector does not represent any kind of connector without additional numbers (such as “DIN 41524 connector”). In consumer electronics, the “DIN connector” usually represents a member of the circular connector family defined by DIN. DIN connectors were originally used for the transmission of analog audio signals. Some of these connectors were later used for analog video and digital interfaces, such as MIDI or IBM PS/2 interface keyboard and mouse cables. The original DIN connector standard has been replaced by the equivalent international standard IEC60130-9.

DIN 7/16 Adapter

Circular connector:

The male DIN connectors are all 13.2 mm diameter metal shielded plugs, but their pin definitions are different.
The connector plug has a circular metal shielding skirt to protect the pins. The protective skirt also ensures that the plug is inserted in the correct direction to prevent damage to the pins. Due to the same protective skirt, it cannot prevent the DIN male connector from being connected to the incompatible DIN female connector. This design was modified in mini-DIN.
There are 7 common patterns of DIN connectors, and up to 8-pin connectors can be seen. There is limited compatibility in connectors of different standards.
The screw-locked version of this connector is also used in instrumentation, process control, and professional audio

DIN 7/16 Adapter

Speaker connector: The two-pin DIN 41529 connector is used to connect speakers and power amplifiers. It was used in 16mm film projectors and Mercedes-Benz cars. Generally speaking, DIN connectors are durable, but the reliability of two-pin connectors has been criticized.


Analog audio
The 3/180° and 5/180° interfaces were originally used in the connection of analog audio equipment in Germany, and later widely used in the Czech Republic, the Soviet Union, and the countries of the trade union, such as the stereo amplifier or pre-amplifier of a stereo tape recorder, Using four signal connections plus the grounded 5-pin. This interface is rare in the US market and has been replaced by RCA terminals.
Digital signal
The 5/180° connector is used for the DIN electronic musical instrument synchronization interface MIDI electronic musical instrument interface. The serial interface IBM PC and PC/AT of the early Apple IIc, as well as the keyboard cable of Amiga, was later replaced by the PS/2 interface of ATX.

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