With the popularity of smartphones, everyone has one, but the smartphone consumes electricity very quickly, and the power is not enough for a day. So the car charger has appeared to solve the inconvenience. The car charger realizes the charging of the mobile phone. There is a need to fully charge the car, but if it is not used properly, it will also cause some major problems. How to use car charger? What should I pay attention to when using it?

The principle of car charger:

The car charger is essentially a voltage converter, which works by converting the 12V voltage of the car cigarette lighter socket into a 5V USB voltage. Insert the car charger into the car cigarette lighter, and then connect the device that needs to be charged to use. Generally speaking, the power consumption of the car charger is small, and it is simple and convenient, and the price is low, which is a good helper for people to go out to charge.

Car Charger

How to install the car charger:

First of all, we need to find the car’s cigarette lighter, usually one in the cab and one in the trunk. Then we plug the USB power adapter of the car charger into the cigarette lighter. When we hear a click and the indicator lights up, it means it is already After working, the car can be charged only after it is started. If you want to charge your mobile phone or tablet computer and other electronic devices through the car charger, you must have an understanding of how to use it in advance. The car charger looks simple, but we still have a lot of things to pay attention to when using it, otherwise there may be big problems if it is not used properly.

Precautions for use:

  1. Do not charge when the vehicle is turned off, because the car charger uses the power of the car battery;
  2. An instantaneous large current will be generated when the vehicle is started, and charging should be avoided at this time to avoid the large current generated from harming the electronic equipment;
  3. In the process of use, it should try to reduce the simultaneous charging of multiple devices, and try to avoid charging high-power devices;
  4. Recharge after start-up Note that after the engine is started, plug in the device to charge. When the voltage of the car is low, it will affect the charging effect and even damage the car charger.
  5. Avoid using car chargers when the air humidity is high, such as thunderstorms, or when the air humidity in the car is high after washing the car, so as not to corrupt its components;
  6. Pull out the plug in time after use, the maintenance of the car charger is very important, especially for electronic products, the maintenance will be longer if properly maintained.
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