The mechanical performance of electronic connectors is very critical, which directly affects the life quality of electronic connectors. In order to let everyone know more about the mechanical performance of electronic connectors, this article mainly introduce electronic connectors for everyone I hope you can learn more about the definition of mechanical properties.

Mechanical properties of electronic connectors

The mechanical performance of the electronic connector mainly refers to the insertion force, the number of times of unplugging, and whether it supports hot plugging. Insertion and extraction force can be divided into insertion force and extraction force. When inserting operation, it directly contacts the internal structure of the connector. Therefore, the force and the maximum number of contacts will affect the reliability of the contact. If the reliability is reduced, the connector The performance will therefore be reduced.

USB/HDMI Connector

The number of insertions of the connector slightly reflects how long the connector can be placed, which is related to the quality of the contact parts, especially the quality of the coating on the connector surface. Generally speaking, the outer layer of the connector is coated with the most stable gold. The thicker the gold layer, the more times it supports insertion. Therefore, many connector manufacturers start from this key point to improve the life and quality of their connectors. Whether to support hot plugging is also an important mechanical performance, because different types of connectors have different requirements and performance.

Electronic connectors are widely used in many fields. With the advancement of technology, the performance of electronic connectors needs to be further optimized to be suitable for innovative devices, so that the rated current, reduced voltage drop, increased current density and design flexibility In terms of providing complete interconnection solutions.

USB Waterproof Connector

Three performance improvements of electronic connectors:

  1. By increasing the thickness of the contact material of the electronic connector, using a new type of copper alloy that provides higher conductivity to reduce the contact resistance.
  2. Improved electronic connector contact design to ensure multiple parallel contact points.
  3. A ventilated electronic connector housing can be used to maintain the temperature of the contact cooler, thereby obtaining a higher rated current.

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