The M8 connector application range and it’s extensive. Small to home appliances, all of the petroleum instruments have their own figure, of course, is stable for their premier requirements. If you want to know the high-quality M8 connector, you may wish to see the Elecbee and buy a high-quality M8 circular connector.


The waterproof performance of the M8 connector is good, oil-resistant, and can be connected efficiently. Applicable to mechanical equipment, automobiles, test instruments, household appliances, electromechanical, kitchen, and other equipment. It has a very strong acid, base, and chemical cleaning agent. Welding sparks, anti-bending, can reduce wiring to enable the equipment to be shipped quickly. Applicable to bad work environments such as petroleum, chemical, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing.

For example, the M8 cable connector can be used to assemble and install the sensors and industrial automation systems through various long lines. According to the plant, there is a plastic cover and a metal shell. These housings can implement the IP67 / IP68 protection class. M8 live assembled connectors can be divided into two types. One type of field-mounted cable connector is not shielded, and another type of stainless steel metal shell is shielded. It can block external complex electromagnetic environments to protect data and signal transmission security. You can also use the M8 self-locking thread and the tail to lock the self-locking threaded connector, and the PCB uses the M8 self-locking wire to mount the connector.


The M8 assembled waterproof connector is suitable for the installation of outdoor lightboxes. For example electronic instruments, electronic machinery, communication, construction machinery, steel production equipment, power supply equipment, mining machinery, marine machinery, automotive equipment, automation production equipment, temperature transmitter, hydraulic press, sensor, solenoid valve, instrument, pressure transmission The device, etc.

M8 connector uses high-quality copper alloys, with strong rust and corrosion resistance. The connector insulator is compressed by high performance, excellent, stable, and reliable insulation. Workplace in the various flammable and explosive workplaces can still be stable.

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