1. Traditional structure, assembly type: PTFE is used as insulating material, and the fixture is assembled.

Advantages: easy to assemble.


1. Small application field, mostly used in antenna, coaxial RF field in communication network equipment;

2. Short lifespan: 500 times of plugging and unplugging life;

3. Unstable conduction performance: Vibration conduction impedance is instantaneously large or instantaneously interrupted.

 A. For the assembled plastic parts, it is necessary to leave the chamfering space for introduction. If there is space for the plastic parts to be inserted, it will not be too tight, and the vibration is not conducive to conduction; 

 B. The center needle is easy to retreat and rotate: after welding and heating after processing, it is easy to scald the rubber core; the center needle is easy to retreat and rotate easily, which can easily cause poor contact of the center needle, instantaneous open circuit or sound loss of the signal.

2. Elecbee’s innovative structure, injection molding: insulating material NYLON, injection molding with temperature-resistant rubber


1. Wide range of applications: available antennas, outside the field of coaxial RF in communication network equipment, wireless/PCS GPS, telecommunications, and can be used in application electronics, headphones, etc. Replaceable, lightweight, ultra-miniature connectors;

2. Longer life: the plugging life is increased to between 2000-5000 times;

3. The conduction performance is more stable and reliable.

A. For the injection-molded connector, the main body of the RF outer tube and the center pin are filled with glue and fixed tightly without loosening;

B. The center pin is welded and heated, and it is not easy to loosen the rubber core; the center pin is not easy to retreat; it is not easy to rotate and is not easy to cause The center pin is not in good contact, and the signal will not be disconnected or the sound will be cut off instantaneously.

3. The new Elecbee MMCX Adapter

This adapter is specially designed for BTX to MMCX plug headphones. One end is a 0.78 pin interface for connecting to BTX; the other end is a general-purpose MMCX interface, which adopts gold-plated technology, is resistant to plugging and has low impedance, and is compatible with different brands of MMCX interface headphones on the market. The qdc to MMCX adapter can be rotated at will to adjust the wearing angle that suits you, and there are blue and red dots on it to indicate the left and right ears respectively. With this conversion head, you can toss BTX on other brands of MMCX headphone heads, let your MMCX wired headphones plug in the Bluetooth wireless wings, get rid of the shackles of cables, and enjoy high-quality wireless audio. Of course, in addition to the Bluetooth cable BTX, the MMCX adapter is also suitable for the whole series of qdc headphone upgrade cables, enjoy the fun of changing cables.

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