With the widespread use of cable assemblies in radio frequency, microwave, and technology, people have become more and more aware of different types of cable assemblies. Many application fields are also eagerly seeking a variety of cable assemblies. Now we will briefly explain which conditions should be met for the selection of cable assemblies:

  1. Choose non-magnetic material joints with smooth surface

Generally speaking, the connectors of cable assemblies should be made of non-magnetic material connectors with a smooth surface as much as possible, so as to ensure the normal transmission of radio frequency and microwave signal energy, but also to prevent the connectors from being too rough and damaged.

RF Coaxial Assembly Cable

2. Use joints with sufficient thickness and uniform coating

Priority should be given to the use of sufficient thickness and uniform coating for the connector of the cable assembly. Because this kind of connector is easier to match impedance, if the impedance matching rate is higher, then the loss of the cable is only the loss of the transmission line, there is no reflection loss, and the ability of the cable to effectively transmit radio frequency signals will also increase.

3. Use the largest joint size possible

The connector selection of the cable assembly should be as large as possible. The smaller the loss, the higher the frequency that can be transmitted. However, users should also note that the connector of the component is not as large as possible, because if the size of the connector exceeds the predetermined standard, it may cause The proportion of dielectric loss increases accordingly.

Radio Frequency Coaxial Cable

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