When it comes to new energy connectors, perhaps we can guess that it is related to new energy sources just by hearing the name. At present, new energy connectors are mostly used in new energy vehicles and have the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. So do you know the components of the new energy connector? In the following, Elecbee engineer will introduce to you what the new energy connector is composed of. Hope that through our explanation, you have a deeper understanding of new energy connectors.

Before understanding the components of the new energy connector, it is best to clarify the role of the electronic connector. It is mainly to build a bridge between circuits, allow the current to flow normally, and finally allow the equipment to operate normally. The new energy connector is no exception, but it is a bridge of equipment in new energy vehicles.

EV Connector

The components of the new energy connector:

Contact:The contact piece is one of the core parts that complete the electrical connection function of the new energy connector. It mainly consists of a male contact piece and a female contact piece forming a contact pair, and then the electrical connection is completed by the insertion of the female and male contact pieces.

Insulator:The insulator is also called the base or installation version of the new energy connector. Its function is to allow the contacts to be arranged according to the required position and spacing, and to ensure the insulation between the contacts of the new energy connector product and the contact shell performance.

Shell:The shell of the new energy connector product is also called the outer shell. The main function of the product is to provide mechanical protection for the insulation mounting board and pins inside the product, and to provide the alignment of the plug and the socket. Then fix the electronic connector to the device.

Accessories:Most of the new energy connector product accessories have standard parts and general parts, which are also divided into two parts: structural accessories and installation accessories. In the structural accessories, it includes clamp rings, positioning keys, positioning pins, guide pins, connecting rings, cable clamps, sealing rings, gaskets, etc.; in the installation accessories, it includes screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc.

EV Connector

This is the end of the knowledge about the components of the new energy connector. In addition to these basic components, the components of the Elecbee new energy connector also have some special process treatments. The product quality is excellent and has a good reputation in the market.

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