The energy storage connector(HV Connector) is an indispensable electronic component in the entire new energy storage system. In the process of realizing the series-parallel connection between the lithium battery packs and the charging and discharging of the lithium battery, the performance of the energy storage connector is important to the entire storage Energy systems have a great impact. Regardless of any electronic device, it must be considered from a safety perspective when measuring performance indicators.

As the core element of the new energy storage system, the energy storage connector, such as the connection point of human life organs and nerves, has a profound impact on the performance and safety of the whole product. However, the existing connector standards cannot assess special application requirements in energy storage systems, such as specific environmental requirements and high-current and high-voltage electrical characteristics

HV Connector

From the perspective of safety, whether the energy storage connector is safe, whether it will cause safety hazards to people, and whether it will cause harm to maintenance personnel is a very important one; the second is to pay attention to the connector itself to the system The damage, that is, the impact of the energy storage connector on the battery and the entire battery pack, as well as the entire PACK box and container body.

HV Connector

The safety of energy storage connectors mainly includes electrical safety, mechanical safety, thermal safety, fire safety, radiation safety, chemical corrosion safety, etc. In order to meet the safety and reliability requirements of energy storage connectors, the design of the connector will be as follows Consider these aspects:

  • Insertion and removal force and retention force;
  • Foolproof position and foolproof color;
  • Anti-shock, insulating parts;
  • Grounding measures;
  • Taking into account plug and socket locking and high voltage interlocking functions;
  • The guarantee of air tightness is temperature rise in terms of reliability;
  • The plastic materials used adopt flame-retardant and halogen-free technology, which does not support combustion and does not emit harmful gases;

The connector comprehensively evaluates the requirements for the connector in the energy storage system in terms of its mechanical properties, service life, temperature rise, weather resistance and protection level, especially in combination with the impact on the special mechanical properties of the connector. The assessment of collision and vibration fully takes into account the requirements for the wear of the connector terminal interface, the continuity of electrical contact and the strength of the mechanical components of the connector system under the shock and vibration environment in the energy storage system.

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