Energy storage connectors are widely used in energy storage systems. So how much do you know about energy storage connectors? Today, Elecbee engineers will introduce you to a quick-plug energy storage connector manufacturing technology in energy storage connectors. Let you increase your knowledge of energy storage connectors.

At present, there are two common energy storage connectors on the market: one is a bolted energy storage connector. Its current-carrying capacity is strong, and the connection part is not easy to fail under the long-term action of current. The other is a fast plug-in energy storage connector. The connector is divided into two parts: socket and plug, with interlocking function, and mostly adopts solid pin and torsion ring reed socket structure, which is quick and easy to plug and unplug. However, the contact area between the pin and the socket is small, the current-carrying capacity is weak, and the temperature of the contact rises, which is not suitable for high-voltage and high-current situations. The pin and the socket are contacted by the elastic force of the reed, and the risk of failure is high.

HV Connector

The locking devices of these common energy storage connectors usually use bolts to lock the connection, and most of them are external locking structures. The connector locking device has a single stress point, the connection is unreliable, and the connection and installation are time-consuming and laborious, and the wiring is not flexible enough. . In view of the shortcomings of the prior art, the advantages of the quick-plug energy storage connector are shown.

It also belongs to the field of connector technology, mainly including sockets and plugs. The pin in the socket adopts a hollow cylindrical structure with a slot hole, and a combined contact piece with a contact is arranged in the cylindrical body. The contact between the contact and the socket is controlled by the expansion and contraction of the elastic piece in the contact piece, which increases the contact area between the pin and the socket, improves the current-carrying capacity of the connector, and reduces the temperature rise of the contact. The locking device adopts a locking button, a locking reed and the annular chute of the socket shell to cooperate, and the structure is simple. And after the plug and the socket are mutually matched, the plug can still be rotated 360 degrees, and wiring can be flexible. Another kind of locking device adopts threaded nut to cooperate, the locking device is evenly stressed, and the connection is firm and reliable. A sealing ring is arranged in the plug shell to ensure that the connector can be sealed and waterproof.

HV Connector

The above is the explanation of the manufacturing technology of the quick-plug energy storage connector. I hope this knowledge sharing will be helpful to you.

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