New energy electric vehicle connector acts as a new product in the connector industry, and new energy electric vehicles have higher requirements. So what are the types of new energy car connectors? The next content explained in detail.

Traditional car connector is a low-voltage connector, and the new energy car connector is a high-voltage connector. The range of operating voltage is raised from the traditional car to 400 ~ 600V, and the automotive electronics architecture needs to be fully improved, and the connector is the key Part.

In addition, the new energy vehicle interface needs to meet the requirements of a wide range, the number of high-switched times, the carrier capacity, heat resistance, sealing waterproof and anti-vibration, and the quality requirements and manufacture of high voltage connectors. High precision is relatively high. New energy vehicles also have a low-voltage connector. It is a specific product customized on the low-frequency connector, mainly used in battery management systems, battery balanced systems, vehicle control systems, and other signal control systems for new energy electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Plug AC 32A EV Connector

The types of automotive connectors are as follows:

1. AC and DC charging interface: fully meet the requirements of GB/T20234; meet the requirements of 10,000 plug-in cycles; good appearance and grip.

2. Signal connectors: a wealth of national military standard circular connectors to choose from; low-cost solutions; capable of designing and producing traditional low-voltage wiring harnesses for automobiles.

3. Battery power wiring harness: It has the ability to be customized and developed by customers; it is flame retardant; the terminals are made of oxygen-free copper.

4. High voltage and high current connector.

5. High-voltage power distribution box: strong design and development capabilities; rapid response capabilities, and can customize power distribution boxes with different requirements and specifications for customers.

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