There are many differences between the VGA connector and the HDMI connector, because VGA is an analog technology, which is quite old compared to the digital technology HDMI. Although VGA and HDMI are both interfaces used to transmit video, compared with VGA, HDMI can support better image quality and is an ideal choice for high-definition video. This article mainly introduces the difference between VGA connector and HDMI connector.

The main difference between VGA connector and HDMI connector:

  1. The VGA connector was designed in 1987 decades ago, and the HDMI connector was designed in 2002.
  2. The VGA connector uses analog to send and receive data, while the HDMI connector uses digital data.
  3. The VGA connector only supports video, while the HDMI connector supports video and audio.
  4. The VGA connector is a DE-15 connector and consists of 15 pins, while the HDMI connector has several sockets of type A, C and D, and they have 19 pins. But there is also a B-type HDMI connector with 29 pins.
  5. Compared with type A, C and D HDMI connectors, the height and width of VGA connector are much larger, even if the length of B type HDMI is very thin compared with VGA interface.
  6. The VGA connector cannot be hot-plugged, while the HDMI connector can be hot-plugged. According to the standard, even if the VGA cannot be hot-plugged, it can be connected or disconnected when the host is running normally without causing any damage.
  7. VGA connector cannot provide the best quality for high-definition video, but HDMI connector is ideal for high-quality high-definition video.
  8. Modern high-end graphics cards do not have a VGA connector slot, but have an HDMI connector slot.
  9. Due to space issues, small devices such as mobile phones, ultrabooks, and tablets do not have a VGA connector slot, but usually have an HDMI connector slot.
  10. The current market price of HDMI cable connectors is usually higher than that of VGA cable connectors.
  11. Since both computers and modern LCD monitors process digital data when using a VGA connector, the signal must be converted from digital to analog, and then from analog to digital, which will reduce quality and increase overhead, but HDMI connectors do not This type of conversion is required.
HDMI Connectors

Although the VGA connector is a standard that has existed for decades, and the HDMI connector is the most recent standard, the biggest difference between the two is that the VGA connector uses analog data, while the HDMI connector uses digital data. Therefore, the HDMI connector has several advantages over the VGA connector. Although until recently, the VGA interface connector was still the default video interface, HDMI is gradually replacing VGA. Even though the VGA port still exists in most devices, the VGA port may disappear in the future and be replaced by HDMI.

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