Owing to the characteristics of RF coaxial connectors, RF coaxial connectors are widely used in various fields, such as automotive, communications networks, information and communications, communications and broadcasting, medical, aerospace, transportation, and antennas (RF Connector Selectin Guide). But also in civil aviation and radio frequency, microwave switches, consumer electronics, defense, military and other occasions and equipment.

Similarly, the structural diversity of the RF coaxial connector also makes it a great development in many ways.

rf connectors

Now, we focus on the development trend of the RF coaxial connector. These years, RF coaxial connectors have achieved great progress in Mechanism and performance.

  • Miniaturization

Thanks to the development of the electronic components, the size of the RF coaxial connector is getting much smaller and smaller. For example, some MINI series are of value in spite of its small size, like SSMB and MMCX.

  • High frequency

Years ago, the USA HP has launched RF coaxial connectors, which have reached 110GHz. The frequency of domestic products does not exceed 40 GHz. Also, the frequency of the RF cables does not outrun 10 GHz and the semi-rigid cable does not go beyond 20 GHz.

  • Multifunction

Not only can it be the role of bridge, but also it has different functions of processing signals, such as filtering, frequency mixing, attenuation, amplitude limiting, phase adjustment and other functions.

  • Low standing wave, low loss

Nowdays, RF coaxial connectors have met the need for weapons systems and precision measurements with low standing wave and loss.

  • Large capacity, high power

Mainly can satisfy the development needs of the information highway.

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