With the development of science and the upgrading of the global positioning system, GPS antenna in the field of professional and business, such as convoys, exploration of science and technology, military tracking and other consumption products occupy very important position. First let’s look at the classification of GPS antennas.

  • From the polarization mode, the GPS antenna is divided into vertical polarization and circular polarization.

The effect of vertical polarization is not as good as circular polarization. Therefore, except for special cases, GPS antennas will use circular polarization and linear polarization.

  • GPS antennas are divided into internal antennas and external antennas in terms of placement.

The mounting position of the antenna is also very important. Earlier GPS handhelds mostly used eversion antennas. At this time, the antennas were basically isolated from the inside of the whole machine, and EMI hardly affected them, and the effect of receiving stars was very good. With the trend of miniaturization, GPS antennas are mostly built-in. At this time, the antenna must be above all metal devices, and the shell must be plated and well grounded, away from EMI interference sources, such as CPU, SDRAM, SD card, crystal, DC/DC.

  • From the aspect of power supply, it is divided into active and passive.

The external GPS is an active antenna. For example, the Gamma GPS external antenna is basically an active antenna. The passive antenna does not contain the LNA amplifier, just the antenna body.

GPS antenna

GPS antenna function

  1. Capture satellites and receive satellite positioning information, which is radiation and electromagnetic waves. Any high frequency circuit, as long as it is not completely shielded, can radiate electromagnetic waves more or less to the surrounding space, or receive electromagnetic waves more or less from the surrounding space.
  2. Change the electromagnetic energy of the radio signal sent by the satellite into the current that can be absorbed by the electronic device of the receiver, that is, the energy conversion. For special equipment or car equipment, the equipment and GPS receiver module before tend to have a certain distance, so in a real environment may use more than 1 meter of feeder cable, but since there are many signal loss for feeder cable, so in this environment can only choose active GPS antenna.

After reading the above, you may have a certain understanding of the function of GPS antenna. Elecbee is a store selling a wide range of electronic products and our antennae are all purchased from Chinese ORIGINAL Equipment manufacturers with high quality and competitive prices. More questions you can leave us a message.


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