When it comes to select a electrical connector, the housing material of the connector is the first key you should consider to fit your needs.

There are many kinds of housing materials of electrical connectors. Different types of housing materials of electrical connectors can respond to different product needs.

material connectors

These days, many customers send emails to us about how to choose the housing material of the electrical connector. They thought there are many different body shells, such as plastic shells and mental shells which have many different layers. So they get confused.

Here we are going to help you choose the appropriate housing materials through this article.

When designing and selecting the connector, the shell material is an important consideration. The function and environmental performance of the connectors are different. Therefore, different shell materials should be selected according to different factors.

First, we should consider the functional requirements of the connector.

The environmental resistance of the connector housing mainly refers to the salt spray resistance of the housing.

Second,We ought to think about the environmental resistance of the electrical connector when choosing housing materials

The salt spray resistance of the shell material from strong to weak is as follows:

At the same time, the price of the shell material and the difficulty of processing cost are also the key to the choice.

So from the above three aspects, it is basically possible to determine the housing material of the electrical connector.

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