M23 connector is commonly used in connection application of servo motor, which is a more general standard connection equipment than junction box. Is by far the most commonly used connection system. Elecbee will also provide customers with the best quality power cables and signal cables, which have perfect tightness, impact resistance and vibration resistance, convenient installation and stable performance.

9Pin Male M23 Connectors Solder Type For Cable Shield Straight

M23 cable assembly provides power cable (yellow) and signal cable (green), which is a widely recognized servo motor connection solution. Up to now, users still use a single part to wire the connector solution applied by M23. There are still some drawbacks in this solution: many users complain that its sealing performance is not good, it is easy to break down when impacted or vibrated, and it is time-consuming and inconvenient to assemble. M8 and M12 sensor/actuator connectors provided by Moore Electronics can solve the above problems. We have applied the relevant expertise of M8 and M12 connectors to the research and development and production of new M23 connectors for the connection application between servo controller and servo motor.

Production of cables for connecting controllers and motors; Secondly, M23 connectors with different contact distribution schemes are installed on one side of the motor. On one side of the servo controller, cables with precise connectors and pre-wired cables or cables with open ends are provided. Signal cable with Sub-D connector. In addition, we will provide a large number of Drive Cliq connectors.

M23 Connector

M23 connector can provide a high-quality solution for the connection between the servo motor and servo controller

1. Ensure perfect sealing: Halogen-free PUR molding with high tolerance can realize sealing connection with IP67/68 protection grade. The cable is closely connected with the connector housing to ensure maximum stress relief. Threads support simple, safe and sealed assembly–provided that torque wrenches are used instead of pipe wrenches. A torque wrench can be used to tighten the connection according to a predetermined torque value. In addition, even in hard-to-reach places, the installation is quite convenient.

2. Excellent impact resistance and vibration resistance: the integrated anti-vibration locking mechanism can prevent the connector from loosening and ensure long-term sealed connection. Advantages: no need of fastening and maintenance.

3. Simple assembly to avoid wiring error: the cable is a tight molded part, which passes the test 100% and has stable performance. This enhances the security of the system and eliminates the risk of wiring errors. The coded arrows on the cable can provide visual assistance for installation.

The M23 connector has the following advantages:

1.360 ° Shielding and electrostatic discharge characteristics of electrostatic discharge characteristics ensure excellent anti-electromagnetic interference capabilities.

2. We lose 30%, which means that the entire system weight is reduced, and it is more suitable for servo motor applications. The motor is mounted on the slide.

3. Integrated bellows with dust. M23 connector solutions are integrated with bellows, no adapters, and cable ties can bring great convenience to customers.

4. High-quality PUR cables with high-quality MC800 cable quality requirements.

The above is a detailed explanation of the functional advantages of the M23 connector shared by bloggers. If you are looking for M23 connectors, please visit the top-level connector selling platform.

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