Heavy duty connector, also known as HDC heavy duty connector, aviation plug. Compared to traditional wiring methods, the use of heavy duty connectors reduces field wiring after equipment or vehicles leave the production floor, increases productivity, and reduces the quality risk of field wiring.

Here are some of the features of the heavy duty connector:

  1. The width is narrower, the volume is compact, and the occupied space is small;
  2. Quick-lock, save time and convenience;
  3.  Equipped with code pin, from a variety of coding functions;
  4. Equipped with a mounting plate to pre-fix the module;
  5. With grounding function;
  6. The grounding screw is in the vertical direction and does not interfere with the panel operation space;
  7. Match a variety of single module ferrules;
  8. EMC function;

In terms of industrial use, this new interface is widely regarded as an “industrial connector” and its application is not limited to manufacturing. This connector is designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments. Compared with the traditional connection method, the heavy duty connector has the advantages of pre-installation, pre-wiring, preventing MIS insertion, and improving work efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of heavy duty connectors.

  1. Pre-installation, pre-installation of a large number of complex circuits, can greatly improve equipment installation efficiency and reduce the wiring error rate.
  2. Heavy duty connectors provide highly integrated connections, and a rich combination of methods maximizes the effective utilization of equipment space.
  3. The heavy duty connector conveniently and efficiently realizes the modular structure of each function template block of the device, so that the device can be transported, installed, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely. Connectors are widely used in power transmission and distribution.
  4. The high degree of protection (IP65, IP68) offered by heavy duty connectors is unparalleled for the advantages of equipment connection systems in demanding environments. Provide effective protection in harsh environments such as dust, rain, cold, snow, and oil.

Heavy duty connector

Heavy duty connectors are designed for pre-wired modular production and to meet demanding environmental conditions. They are widely used in industries such as rail transit, industrial automation, and equipment manufacturing.

With the in-depth development of industrial automation, more innovations have appeared in production equipment. The international advancement of heavy duty connectors in structural design and material use has made connectors outstanding in terms of electrical performance. The reliability of the electrical connection system is not achievable with conventional connections. The next article will continue to update your knowledge about overloaded connectors. If you are interested, remember to keep an eye on it.


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